Doing Nothing in Nha Trang

Today I did nothing, I rented beach chairs at 7am and passed out. The day was spent going in and out of the ocean and eating random items from the menu at the “Sailor’s Club”.

You can rent a chair for like $1.25, quite a deal indeed. This sleepy beach town is cheap, it has good internet and a crazy nightlife. Last night was much of the same and now it’s 2:35AM and I just recently awoke. It’s not that there are that many people, it’s mainly that they sell buckets of vodka redbull for criminally low price of $1.50US.

Was supposed to meet people for dinner at 7:30PM but somehow I went to bed at 6:45 and here we are, I do believe it’s time to venture into the seedy late night streets in search of nourishment before once more going into an extended slumber.

You’ve just read the shortest and least inspired update this blog has ever produced, pat yourself on the back and go do something fun tonight.

lazily tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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