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What’s Happening?

The market is sketchy and I’m not just talking about Wall Street. On the topic of Wall Street however, my boys at Suncor are fracturing the faces of anyone who bets against them with their fists, indeed.

Back to the “market”. The market doesn’t produce the best quality. Got home and was like WTF. The pockets had 1 button / velcro connector, I wanted 2. Also, only did single stitching. Also were just too big, need to get measured first as all my clothes are swimming on me, new shorts especially. It’s weird how I got so annoyed over this purchase yet on this trip, I’ve countless times wasted 3-4X on random drinks. This is all part of the process I believe.

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Went back got it fixed. Met my sugar cane boys where I chill and smoke during the day. Told them how much I paid and showed prototype 1. I lied, couldn’t tell them what I paid, they’d lose respect. Jumped on a moto to one of the guys families places just outside the market. They all said NEVER shop in market or near it. It’s the tourist trap. They will over charge you because … they can.

Anyways looking at mad patterns, styles, all sorts of stuff. I don’t care if NO ONE buys this stuff. I want the perfect pair of cargo shorts made for the international traveling gent, I will get them.

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I walk so much, I go on morning, mid afternoon and late night walks. Just cruising without a care in the world while snacking the whole way, it’s quite enjoyable. I also go to the bar each night and order 1 drink and see what happens. Tonight ran into the promoter of Beach Club again, he’s cool and I was harsh about the place… why?

I saw photos from Nha Trang, those bars were empty as well (the after hours bar) just I was with a tight crew so you didn’t care who else was there and you were “properly fueled”. If you’re in a similar situation here, you’d also love the place. If you’re not, not so much.

beautiful Hoi An Vietnam

Checking out an apartment tomorrow, renting a bike and maybe getting that fishing rod.

This evening had some sugar cane drinks with the shoe guy I know, he offered me a deal and I was thinking “that’s it”… That’s why you never commit in business. I could go elsewhere, he knows it and I’m not “pledging my allegiance” or anything of that nature.

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After wards on way to the bar, ran into this lady I saw earlier. What are odds of her driving by on bike as I walk out of hotel… Isn’t life randomly ridiculously great?!? She is nice but a bit intense, “full on” as someone said. We went together, she bounced and there is this Aussie stag. One of the girls kept giving me her drinks as the guys were playing “Credit Crunch” where each guy has his name in a hat, last guy pulled has to buy everyone a round effectively bailing out the others… Cool game when beers cost $1, yes?

It’s 1am, had a drink or so for free and passing out to have a great day tomorrow. I may start writing some other type of updates as my days here aren’t so thrilling or even blog worthy, I’m just chilling in a foreign town. I did meet some more expats today though, a lady who owns a diving school.

hoi an vietnam

This update is uninspired, I’m tired and ready to PTFO.

Almost forgot, lots of sketchy wiring here. I put my hand on a street post today and hit a wire, the light went out… Hit the wire and 1 min later, the light came back on, I love this place and there is a sweet beach only 4km away. Time to do some exploring tomorrow.

Tips hat,

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