Eating Guinea Pig in Cusco, Peru

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Good day,

So basically I knew I had to eat some guinea pig while in Peru because I’m simply that kind of guy. Last night was my last night and tonight I’m at some airport hotel so it was then or never, yes? I grabbed my trusty GoPro and hit the streets in search of such said rodent turned delicacy at fine dining establishments throughout the city.

I came across this spot whose name matters not near the Plaza de Armas and ordered some guinea pig. Moments later these fun South Koreans came in and one of the gents ordered the same. Eating guinea pig is an experience that I’d best classify as a one time deal. I’m glad I did it because if not I’d just be some vanilla traveler and if that ever happens, might as well just get hitched and start watching reality tv.


If you’re in the area hit it up, eating guinea pig in Cusco, Peru is an experience you’ll remember forever. It basically tastes like chicken skin on top of bones when fresh and after 20 minutes or so it gets cold and you just want it out of your sight! Cusco, Peru is a seriously good time, love it here.

I have only a few hours left before my flight to Lima, off to the market to get sick on juice and soup.

Tips hat,

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P.P.S: Aware that wearing a hat is poor form but when looking homeless and eating a rodent, believe it to be alright.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

4 thoughts on “Eating Guinea Pig in Cusco, Peru

  1. You are amazing, I found you on and never tire of the amazing photos and attitude you relate to readers. My children are as you, never tire of the adventure. Check them out, brennakelleher and keelykelleher on Conor Kelleher is on (but not to much). Have the time of your life. Be safe and happy, must say your parents must be amazing.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and will have a look into them!

      I love travel and love life, glad you’re enjoying my musings! :-]

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