This is the video of preparing a Curry in the Mekong Delta aka eating snake heart in Vietnam. Supposedly if you eat it’s heart and whatever “gon” is while it’s still beating it brings you some kind of, something. Either way in true iyashinoshigoto fashion, it had to be done so… It got done.

When shooting odd animal internal organs you don’t really taste it so its not that intense. Drinking the blood was another story and that will be uploaded later this week or next week. This was all done on the private Mekong delta tour that started with some gent approaching me while I was having a breakfast.

king cobra curry

The curry was alright but the experience is what it was all about. If you’re in SE Asia, go to Vietnam (one of my fav countries) and go on a private tour if you can. The organized tours “just aren’t the same”. If you enjoyed this be sure to watch the “Eating Rats in Vietnam” video as well.

I also have footage of eating all the ginger left from the blood which was arguably the grossest thing of the whole process. Also have one of eating hot chili’s. It doesn’t look like much but after you see the tour guide refuse and the guy he makes eat it take a small bite then spit it out it gives you a better idea. Of course, that is coming as well.

King Cobra Snake

The dude in Pj’s is missing a finger from a cobra bite. He had to cut his finger off then drive himself to a hospital god knows how far away. He said if he didn’t cut his finger off, he’d be dead. He catches the snakes and when random tourists come through on a private tour … They can order them from the menu, if he has any in stock.If you had problems with the video, head to youtube to watch .

That’s about it from iyashinoshigoto for now.

Tips hat,

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