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Writing this from “home base” aka Ottawa. Just recently finished an egregious 31 hour trip from Skopje, Macedonia to Ottawa, Canada. The trip involved a bus from Skopje to Sofia, overnight in the airport and then flights to Ottawa via Frankfurt and Washington. For those astute readers who are curious why I’m sleeping on the floor? It’s because I’m an “OG” aka original gentleman…

The airport was busy, a few seats left near this young family traveling with grandparents but as a gentleman, can’t sleep there when you’re sick and drank the majority of a bottle of decongestant on the bus so your body is literally exploding with sickness, would not be proper, no sir. In those cases, one must be quarantined and left to suffer alone.

Long and short is met a gent from Macedonia on the bus, we split a cab to the airport, the wrong airport terminal, finally make it to the right one, spent the night on that cold floor before catching a 6am flight to Frankfurt, am sick on that plane so the guy next to me switches seats and pass out, ha.

Get to Frankfurt and pass out until the plane to Washington, pass out on that one too and eat two meals because I asked for two, if you’re hungry always just ask they usually have more. Spend another 4 mind numbing hours and arrive in Washington. Minutes after arriving, see a restaurant called Potbelly – how apropos.

In Washington they have this train to connect terminals, once it gets going it feels like you’re in some space aged video game or amusement ride. This Chinese guy looked a bit freaked and asked who was driving it, said I was, he wasn’t impressed.

My ears wouldn’t pop as my head is congested and the flight home was horrific. Upon arrival hustle through customs to get my luggage but it never comes, turns out they lost it. When finally make my way to freedom, the customs police say I am needed for questioning…

Hit up this small cell where they ask me questions like “So you left Canada 2 years ago eh?” Long story short most people don’t go on a 2 year vacation without working. The clencher was when they asked me why. I looked at them and said “Ever hate your job, feel like you’re wasting your time in it and feel like you’re life is boring?” A moment later I was out.

Feels great to be home to a family that missed you, looking forward to seeing friends once I’m not a solider of sickness. The dog above is a business partner of mine “Charles” but if you know him he’ll reply to Charlie. Don’t let his good looks fool you, he’s shrewd and very driven. Looking forward to resting up before Toronto, coming home for a month or so was a good decision, more on that later…

Tips hat,

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9 thoughts on “31 Hour Trip Home, Sweet Home

  1. GET WELL SOON! Glad you got home OK – without too many security staff wanting to quarantine you that is! Must have been a tough journey feeling like that 🙁 Still, enjoy seeing your hometown again. Can’t wait to see what you get up to next – work-wise and locale: home/abroad/both? Will you keep us posted on here? 🙂

    1. Most certainly will and thank you, my straw-hat SEO friend! Now just waiting for my luggage, mainly the gifts I bought my mom.

  2. Damn! You were right here in my backyard. If I stand waaay to the southernmost part of my balcony, I can see the ATC Tower at Dulles. If I’d known you were arriving on that daily Frankfurt flight I would have waved. LOL I took that Lufthansa route back and forth to Bangalore when I lived in India numerous times and that concourse was like a 2nd home.

    Have a wonderful time home with friends and family and I’m excited to see where you’ll take us when you get back out on the road.

    I’m thinking of heading to the Philippines in the late Fall to do some cooking in people’s homes and restaurants to learn what I passed up learning when I lived there. Maybe our paths will cross there.


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