Evening at the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban, South Africa

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Good day,

After visiting Robben Island yesterday, things got out of control on this trip in the BEST WAY EVER. If you follow my stream here, you’ll have an idea but I made a video so stay tuned. Today we left Cape Town and took the two hour flight to Durban courtesy of South African Airways, collected more Aeroplan points in the process  and after some Bunny chow, made our way to the lovely Oyster Box Hotel…

The moment you arrive at this hotel you instantly know you’re somewhere special. This update is a great example of less is more. I won’t talk your ear off about a place I just arrived at, that would be asinine. I will however show you a series of photos which will let you make up your own mind. That said, am sure you will come to the same conclusions as yours truly. If you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious place to call home while in Durban, you may wish to look into this fabulous venue.

That said, we here at iyashinoshigoto are verbose if nothing else so will add that they often have a world class curry buffet which brings people in from all over the area. Also their seafood is top notch. Enjoyed some delicious langoustines and clever conversation while listening to the waves crash against the coast in the background. This is one of those hotels on the planet where the moment you enter, it’s like you’re in a another world. One of the best kinds of escapism in my humble opinion, feel as though in the 1940’s with all the amenities of 2012. We’re here in Durban for another 3 days before this dream trip to South Africa will sadly conclude.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and a most egregious video I have prepared should be done uploading.

Stay tuned…

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

10 thoughts on “Evening at the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban, South Africa

  1. Looking forward to seeing the video and I’m amazed at the diversity of beauty in South Africa. Did you hear much about the Great White Sharks in waters around Capetown?

    1. There are sharks there and here in Durban. S. Africa has the most sophisticated shark monitoring program in the world.

      It’s safe if you swim in designated areas when the signal is ok. Durban has not had an attack in over 15 years and sadly the last one in cape town occurred after the surfer was warned not to proceed.

  2. The Oyster Box – it does seem to borrow from that 1940s/20s style. Looks like a real candidate for the PPT summit with Senor Fly (unless you can find an even more egregious blend of white-glovery and “African Jungle Music”)

    1. Definitely a candidate for the PPT Summit whenever it happens. Not sure when but I’ll be there in a tuxedo and top hat, naturally. Turns out they have this magnificent library with a great view of the ocean, classic decor and interesting books on a wide range of topics. I spent 30 minutes or so each day there. Would like to return to spend serious time in that library, it was inspiring on numerous levels.

    1. Definitely, Oyster Box is one of my favorite hotels of all time. Loved every bit of it but the library in particular really spoke volumes to me.

  3. Wow! Looks like a great hotel. We didn’t get to Durban on our trip to South Africa earlier this year. Need to file this for when we go back!

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