Off to Further Explore Jordan

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In a few hours I’m off to catch a train to Montreal where I’ll be flying to Amman, Jordan. This will be my second time in Jordan and I’m thrilled to be returning.  On my last trip I had an incredible time, met some great people and can’t believe I’m getting an opportunity to return. I’m keen to sample much more of the traditional cuisine, see some sights through a new lens and of course partake in many new adventures. One of them excites and slightly scares me so I’m going to keep that a secret until the end.

I’m a fan of Jordan for a few reasons, one big one being the food. That said, I’m also excited to reconnect with the people from Jordan, my connections with them are what helped make my trip such a great experience. Previously when I visited I was all about barren landscapes. These days, I like to capture images of people going about their business as  I believe it tells more of the story about a place. I’m looking forward to having random laughs with strangers at fuel stops and getting to know all the interesting people I come in with directly through the trip.

Monastery Petra Jordan

I’m also looking forward to visiting Petra again. It’s a very special place which is a UNESCO site for good reason and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity revisit it. I’m curious what I’ll see through my camera lens this time as lots has changed in the last three years, including my photography style. Also, last time I missed Petra at night so I’m quite keen to get to experience it this time around. I’m a big fan of Petra and if you’d like to get up to speed, you can read my first piece here.

Let’s talk about Amman for a moment, yes? I didn’t spend that much time there on my last visit but quite liked it. Not long ago, I had a plan of renting an apartment in Amman for a month here and there should I wish to catch up on work, get into a fitness routine, learn some Arabic, eat like a king and recharge my batteries. It’s a city with everything I need and it’s very easy to take day trips to destinations like Aqaba, Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum. I mention this because the first night we’re going to Rainbow Street which I heard is one of the more happening spots in Amman; very curious to see what the vibe is like.

Petra is going to be a highlight for sure but I’m also looking forward to getting the opportunity to play a round of golf outside Amman. I’ve never played golf in Jordan or know anyone who has so I’m quite keen to see what it’s all about. I’m playing right as I arrive so I’m hoping to catch some sleep on the flight. I’m also going to be doing another hike which is great as I’ve freshly come off a hiking trip and getting into the whole scene, I dare say. Returning to the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum should also be great.

Jordan really is one of those destinations that has something for everyone whether they travel for cuisine, history, culture,  adventure or luxury. This trip should be a mix from all of the above which is seems like a good plan. Turns out I’m skydiving over the Dead Sea which is something I’ve wanted to do forever but only once. Since I’ll most likely only skydive once, I figure it only makes sense to do it somewhere out of this world so where better than the Dead Sea?

I’m going to try and update this blog while I’m gone but I have no idea how full the schedule will be or if I’ll always have solid internet access. As a result, I highly suggest you tune into my social media channels to see what’s happening in real-time over the coming week. The official hashtag of the campaign is #GoJordan and I’ll be busy sharing experiences from the trip using that hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I’d go on but it’s time to finish packing and start the trip to Jordan!

This campaign was created and sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board in partnership with iambassador. That said, obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be.

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