Exploring DOKUFEST & Prizren, Kosovo


Writing this from Skopje, Macedonia once more. Yesterday was spent checking out some of the DOKUFEST Film Festival in Prizren, Kosovo and doing surprisingly large quantities of work from a small but interesting internet cafe in the center of town. Sad but very glad to have left, could have been easy to get stuck there and since it’s already the end of July, the “prime time” of Europe is coming to a close…

Once it hits September, the weather changes. In Budapest had to fly to Thailand last September as it was becoming cold, no point in paying European prices for anything other than the best time of year in my estimation, also all the tourists leave like someone pulled the fire alarm, the vibe of traveling in Europe changes drastically.

I digress.

After yesterdays update stopped in an internet cafe for a routine email etc… What was supposed to be a minute turned into 6 hours. Got to know the owner quite well through google translate and he was a standup guy, really glad we chatted. Traveling in a group is good but it’s when you’re alone that the “travel magic” happens in my opinion.

DOKUFEST was cool but I’m not a serious movie guy and after the internet cafe I cruised around and soaked it up. The place was lively, seemed like everyone from the town was out and about as well as countless people from around the planet. I’d like to see the place when it’s not during a festival, one assumes it’s much sleepier.

Woke up and decided it was time to get moving, went on a really long walk and met a lady named Mariguana while looking for post cards. Like clock work, you can tell someone who lives there that you love their city and they will tell you that they are sick of it and want to get out. Viewing anywhere in the world as a tourist is like seeing a place through technicolor dream lenses, remember that.

Was going to stay and enjoy more of the Festival but as described above, must get moving. If you wish to get from Prizren to Skopje, you can catch a direct bus at 9am daily for 9€. If you don’t need to go to Pristina, you can go from Prizren to Ferizaj which cuts out Pristina, recommended. From there it’s easy to get back to Skopje and the round trip was roughly 7€.

During my random stroll, went into a super market. As mentioned, somethings are expensive but others are insanely cheap. I walked in looking for a drink. Left with lots for 1.33€, ridiculous. Feel really lucky to have been able to experience what I did in Kosovo. It’s not a place many people talk about but was somewhere I thoroughly enjoyed and will always remember fondly.

I’d like to thank the Alvida Prizren Hotel that is photographed below for being so accommodating for a random weary traveler. When I arrived the entire city was sold out. They managed to work something and give me a place to stay. The room wasn’t a hotel room but was perfect for what I needed and if it wasn’t for them, not sure if I’d of even been able to stay in Prizren.

The places make great conversation but it’s the people you’ll never forget…

Tips hat,

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4 thoughts on “Exploring DOKUFEST & Prizren, Kosovo

  1. Wow, that city is gorgeous – the combination of the river and the architecture that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale is not what comes to mind when I think of the stories of war-torn Kosovo!

  2. I think it’s really cool that you visited these places that I would have never know about except for all the war and refugee stories from a decade or so ago.

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