Exploring Ottawa’s Streets and Museums

Greetings from Ottawa,

If you read yesterday’s update, you’d be aware that and myself thought it would be interesting for yours truly to wander around Ottawa as a tourist, instead of the local that I am. A loose itinerary was to visit Sparks Street, Canadian Museum of Nature, Rideau Canal, Ottawa Locks and of course the Canadian War Museum. It was a successful mission…

Arrived at my hotel and immediately set out to just wander and do what I love most, going on long strolls with no intended goal except from photo to photo and see what transpires. Managed to see it all AND MORE and am now writing this before dinner so the night will be free to explore the Byward market.

Swung by the National War Memorial and snapped some shots, met some Spanish ladies who were visiting and took photos of them posing in front, doesn’t take long to have that mind shift of local guy to other tourist. From there hit up Sparks Street because it’s always a good time. They were filming a television show for CBC and I stuck around a while, turns out the lighting lady went to school with me, random.

Continued to stroll through Sparks Street and met a lady I haven’t seen in ages, one of my first tech business partners and a lady who went to my high school and shares the same birthday, again random. Was hungry so looked for some street food. When shopping for street food, it’s just a piece of meat unless the lady or gent cooking it can add some personality spice to the mix, yes? The guy below Andrew works at the corner of Sparks and Bank, I’ll be back as he was chill, world traveled and made a slick sausage.

Found my way to the National Museum of Nature. They finally had the renovations done and it looks great. Visited that place when I was 7, remembered the dinosaurs but not much else. They have something I loved, a massive fish tank with all the local fish species, very cool and gives everyone an idea of the diversity found in the lakes and rivers of the region…

From there wandered through some residential streets until I hit City Hall, cut through a park across the street and onto the canal. Really peaceful in front of the National Arts Gallery across from the Westin and the massive new convention center they finished. Have attended conferences there before, they have really stepped up their offerings a notch.

Followed the Rideau Canal to the Ottawa Locks. They are situated between the Chateau Laurier and Parliament. Really nice place to step back and relax for a bit as you watch the boats come through the locks and just lots of people doing the same thing, relaxing. After that decided to make one more trip and visit the National War Museum.

The National War Museum wasn’t far from the core and caught my attention. The exhibits really talked to me and was a massive fan of the large military vehicles on display. After you visit the exhibits, they have a large hall filled with antique military vehicles from around the world. Was like a kid on the set of a G.I Joe movie or something of that nature, really liked it.

What’s cool about this place is that it’s Canada but the face of Canada is from all over the planet. No matter who you look at, no one looks like they are a foreigner as this place is so multicultural and you see the faces of the world. Saw people going about their daily business here from all over the planet and recognized countless nationalities. It’s really a great example for the rest of the globe that everyone can get along regardless of culture, nationality, skin color or religion.

I was given a really nice room on the club floor of the and that is where I’m writing this now. It’s a class establishment that has hosted countless business men, politicians and royal family members in the roughly 100 years that it’s been open. Had a wonderful meal at , will include that tomorrow, recommend the arctic char & grilled shrimp.

Tomorrow, we do Parliament.

Tips hat,

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9 thoughts on “Exploring Ottawa’s Streets and Museums

  1. Aren’t lucky to be staying at the Chateau Laurier! Wish I has thought about touring Ottawa for Ottawa tourism. Ottawa is an interesting place.

    1. Starting to get a better idea. Didn’t go to any usual hangouts so basically did the tourist trail and it was interesting. Looking forward to Parliament tomorrow, should be a pretty good view.

  2. I’ve lived in Ottawa for 47 years but it’s been a long time since I did the “tourist thing”. I gues I’m just going to have to get downtown more often. Thanks for the pictures and a great tour, Rob.

  3. You found some great things to do in Ottawa! I need to check out the National Museum of Nature. It looks right up my ally

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