Weather, Old People & Fishing in St. Lawrence

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Would love to write something inspiring about catching fish or even fishing in the St. Lawrence home of monster muskies and perhaps even Loch Ness herself. If someone goes “fishing” and has no whatsoever in so far as even a bite, did they go fishing? If you have as much action as someone just boating, aren’t you boating? Too many questions and not enough answers… The leaves are falling and old people are starting to really look old…

Basically drove out to the St. Lawrence to meet up with a friend and go fishing. Naturally we caught nothing or even had a bite. That said, the river itself is beautiful and crystal clear. Remember when fishing large bodies of water that the fish aren’t always everywhere or I’ll just keep telling myself such. It’s also cool how when you’re in the middle of the river you have the USA to one side and Canada the other.

If you live somewhere that is “lucky” enough to have fall, take advantage of it and go do something quasi entertaining. I’ve seen a lot of old people recently looking really old and well, just being really old. Helped an old gent across the street today move some gear to the curb. When you’re frail and on a walker, even a small 1/3 recycling bin can prove quite the challenge and who do trust? Forget trust, what do you DO when the deep snow cometh!? One believes countless put everything off for retirement bliss, something NOT in the cards for all / many / most?

The weather is seriously turning here. The weather will be in a bear market until next spring so when it rallies to give a few beautiful days, must take advantage of it on full margin. Lots of garbagio in terms of temperatures to come, the leaders like Saturday and Sunday won’t even be spared. Hit up a coffee and some random dude who looks like Napoleon’s brother Chip is still the guy at your local coffee shop assisting the person at the drive thru, slow learner.

Whenever you leave wherever you’re from, there is a sense of euphoria. Try it sometime and see for yourself. Thinking of going on another long fall drive to somewhere but naturally the infamous “check engine” light has come on. The gas tank was flashing for a while but then realized my gas tank was open for the last day, the engine light seems more ominous much like the weather in these here parts. Speaking of “check”, did you check out the floods in Thailand!?

Winter in Canada is ready and on a gradual entry that is if nothing else, steady.

Tips hat,

P.S: Now / last week is prime time for long fall drives to nowhere.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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