It’s about midnight in Istanbul, it’s time for this gent to retire. After the last 9 days of excitement, yours truly is exhausted and all the photos from the flight from Amman to Istanbul are basic and random travel transit photos aka nothing special….

Checked out of paradise and got to the airport an hour or so early, ended up getting engrossed in the web and almost missing my flight. Anytime I’ve ever gotten to an airport early and gotten a good connection, almost missed mine. Ran to desk that said “Last Call” and it was locked. This Arab guy says “you missed your plane”…

Ran to another desk and they were busy, started stressing, then the Arab gent came running up to me and said “I was kidding, it’s delayed”, I thanked him for the heart attack and went to sit down. Naturally, started making small talk with the person next to me. Believe it or not, a Saudi gent who lives 5 blocks from yours truly in Ottawa, random.

The plane was fine, no worries. I was really hungry so eat two meals, then when I thought no one was looking, did something very undistinguished, licked the inside of the metal lid. Did you know that they have small ventilation slits that are like razors? Trust me, sliced my tongue open and it began bleeding profusely at 33,000 feet, not fun.

I am sure of little on this planet but one thing, when you arrive in Turkey, you will have to wait forever to get through immigration. Doesn’t matter what time of day, always at least 30-40 minute wait. That is always followed by a 45 minute subway ride to the downtown core.

Back on the roof top of my favorite place to stay in Istanbul…

The plan is Macedonia -> Albania -> ?

Tips hat,

P.S: This song is playing in the background…

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