I’m sitting here in my mini office of sorts at the devouring a platter of cheese. Today was interesting and a real bipolar one weather wise. I left Hamilton Island in what could best be described as perfect weather conditions to arrive in Brisbane in a torrential downpour that resembled a monsoon of sorts. That said, I’m now happily on the where it’s raining but nothing like Brisbane.


The day started early and went for a sunrise run along the beach on Hamilton Island; you’d be surprised at the number of others diehards out there as well. I’ve concluded that in 2014 my circle of friends must start to comprise more of those souls who wake at such said hour and do something productive; I believe it’s a special group but more on that later.


Following a trip to the buffet and then another it was time to check out. The Fish n’ Chips shop on Hamilton Island also serves 500g packages of peel & eat shrimp which I recommend; just not solo. I had one last look / stroll around the premises and it was sadly time to leave this special place. That said, the Sunshine Coast is pretty sweet so it was easy to make the move and I flew on Virgin which I was unimpressed with.


Coolest thing about Virgin is that Sir Richard Branson owns it; can’t think of anything else actually. It was a super clear day in the Whitsundays and I had a great view of countless other islands which you can see here, as we approached Brisbane the weather became dark and dreary with torrential downpour and it was like another world. The Whitsundays are incredible.


Aafter meeting a gent named Luke at luggage claim from I got my ride and drove on the left for the first time. It wasn’t that weird as I’ve been traveling so much but the indicators and whatnot are still taking some getting used to. It was a major traffic jam and the hour and a half trip took near three. That said, a slow traffic jam was a nice way to ease myself into the flipside of the driving world, so to speak.


Arrived at the hotel and the room and checked into a really sweet suite. It also reminds me of a business trip where you’re in an absolutely lovely room but have no time to enjoy it. I checked in and went for dinner with a lady named Liz from the tourism board. We had a good time and I had some filet mignon cooked rare which was delicious at Mooo Char Bar & Grill. Tomorrow I’m checking out at 7:45 so besides writing this I’ll basically just be sleeping.


This room at the Pelican Waters Hotel Golf Resort is designed like the perfect apartment would be for a gent like myself; a shame I don’t have more time here. Anyways, I’m playing the golf course tomorrow and quite looking forward to it. I’ve heard good things about it and this is my introduction to the Sunshine Coast where I’ll be spending the next few days including which should be quite the time.

I’d go on but tomorrow starts early. In closing, I’d like to thank for their hospitality; it’s much appreciated and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here in Australia.

Tips hat,

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