Flipped a coin, flying to Greece!


It’s 12:45am and my visa expires in ~36 hours. Greece and Turkey are two places that interest me. My insanely rough 3 month plan is Greece to Estonia through the block aka countries that talk to me but get very little conversation.

Couldn’t decide so I flipped a coin while drinking some milk on a street corner. Athens won; there is being random and then there is following the unknown into darkness with a candle

If you stay home one night or go out, your whole life will be different. Squeezing through a yellow light or waiting at the red, again your life has changed. Trust me on this last tangent if nothing else.

Frankly, I quite like it here but life is about rolling the dice or in this case flipping a coin. When Athens came up, immediately Istanbul looked better but no, the coin was flipped and the ticket has been booked.

I wish to enjoy many Greek salads, visit some islands and see what this country is all about. My old boss went on a sailing trip here that he always ranted about. I have had few visions of the future and of this trip, one was learning to sail in Greece.

Saying goodbye to someone or some place can be tough. The tougher it is, the more meaningful the time was and the more one has to be thankful for.

If you’ve been to Greece, suggestions appreciated.

Tips hat,

P.s: totally unrelated, Internet is down so I’m on iPhone. This blog blew out it’s Bandwith a few days ago which I deem positive. Got my teeth cleaned today for 1000b at Bangkok Dental in Siam Square, recommended. Also thanks to my Polish friend who shipped the Eurail pass last minute, arrived Friday; very close call.

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