First let me apologize to you, we here at iyashinoshigoto travel very light but make room for a (all travelers should pack at least one). Last night, I pulled out the mat and jumped to a conclusion on this place, the wrong conclusion. Kalkan, Turkey is actually quite kicking, kinda love it here…

Yesterday we arrived at weird o’clock and didn’t see much going on, today the place was full of life on a bright sunny day, a small slice of that ever elusive heaven pie. The village streets are a velvet carpet where gents get up and get down around town in velour jump suits while making kebab platters out of thin air. The women dress from watermelon wardrobes and accessorize with spaghetti strings and salami sandals.

Joking aside, it’s a nice place.

Scuba diving is good fun. It’s also a bit nerve racking. The first time I went under, my mask was filling with water and had a mild freak out, not a true freak out but a moment of like “what the heck is going on”. If you’re not confident in the water,  wouldn’t recommend it. Was a qualified lifeguard who never bothered working the job because it was boring, the hours sucked and the responsibility too great. Suffice to say, it’s just a really weird sensation and remember to breath normal is hard when your body is hard programmed to conserve air when in such a strange atmosphere.

The town comes alive at night and the town is quite picturesque, hadn’t even really explored it until this evening. Truly is a small piece of paradise when it comes to holiday destinations, very impressed with this place and can see why there are many real estate projects.

If you’re North American, don’t be fooled into thinking the Caribbean or Central America is all that their is. Make the journey and come check these places out. Have met several people who have been coming here for a decade . It’s not dangerous, it’s a small slice of heaven with great weather and all the amenities you could imagine.

Looking forward to another day of diving and most importantly, another day in this interesting place. Maybe it’s time to toss out that “jump to conclusions map” as it takes up roughly 30% of my pack.

Tips hat,

P.S: This song was playing at one of the pubs we passed and it’s been ringing in my ears since, might as well pass on the pleasure or pain depending on our preferences.

P.P.S: This one bar / lounge has a plethora of seating arrangements like this, would be a great place to share some quality time with even better company.

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