Golfing at Poplar Grove Outside Ottawa

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My car is in the drunk tank, actually that’s a horrible explanation but there will be no editing this update. Considering there is a hole in something important on the bottom of my car, decided to go play golf. Went to a place called Poplar Grove which is notorious for being whateveresque. Truth be told, when I had a membership to say 30 courses, played it all the time because no one else is ever there and lots of holes to choose from. That said, those who don’t like it have their reasons…

The drawbacks are that the 9’s are all very close so if someone really cranked one out of control, it could be a shooting gallery. It’s not as well maintained as other courses and the greens aren’t up to snuff. None of that really matters for me as I view golf as a great way to go for a long walk through a field with a purpose. The longer the grass the harder it is. Also the holes are quite long all considering and being tree lined without the best grooming, challenging.

The round was a mix of disaster, decent and DECENT and liked the fact that besides this one group of old timers we had the place to ourselves. It’s also quite cheap, on a Wednesday which is 2 for 1, it was like $30. Metcalfe which is considerably more popular is next door but I’m not a big fan as I’ve waited into oblivion there to the point of forgetting what I was doing there to begin with.

Been home close to a month, say what!?

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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