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Shortly after our last update this morning, I was on my way and ended up in an awesome shuttle. Enough of that though, let us discuss golfing at , Colorado, shall we? As it happens the incredibly friendly staff at Keystone Condominiums arranged with the pro shop for me to play earlier as they are “simply cool like that”. Within minutes I was in a new Escalade with some gent driving me to a course, we went to the wrong one aka The River Course, no big deal…

One of the gents there decided to drive me through the River Course and to the Ranch Course, what views, what a course. The mountains are ever present and a reminder of how small and finite our time on this planet  is, definitely a reminder to start iyashinoshigotoing… Soon enough we’re at the Ranch and I’m hitting balls in their practice facility. These people set me up with a cart, new clubs and everything I needed for a fun day at the links.

When it was my time to hit the course, was paired up with these two gents of 16 years old who are here doing a “practice round”. Both of them had 4 handicaps and are here for a tournament starting Monday. I love playing with better players and I’m proud that since I stopped caring about being the “long bomber” I’m now a guy who can play golf. I played with these gents and it was just wild watching them crank it. They could literally hit the ball a mile and it made me realize how ridiculous it is for average 30 year old men to think they can get their bodies to bend like that when they spend most of their time straining their spine at some desk!

Anyways, got 2 pars a few bogeys and naturally, a couple of others. The course was like most that I’ve played of this caliber, firm but fair. There was wild fescue and water hazards but I managed to keep the ball in play and with a well oiled short game from practicing all winter on Little Corn, had a really pleasurable round. There was this gent behind us who reminded me of your average golfer, he is counting score and hitting it all over the map getting angry, looking for balls in rivers and under rocks. Whenever you get a good round going without keeping score you feel ever so slightly like Ty Webb and that’s a good thing, rest assured.

The photos speak for themselves and bare in mind that the weather was a mix of sunshine, clouds, overcast and rain. Can only imagine how these photos would have turned out should it have been a brilliantly sunny day.  So you know, there are two courses in the area and they are The Ranch and The River. The River is more cut from the mountains and slightly more technical while the Ranch is a little more laid back and forgiving. The Ranch is the “old course” and it was made in 1980 by Robert Trent Jones Jr. while the River is new and made in the early 2000’s.

How cool is it that Keystone Condominiums gives you a free 9 hole after 5pm when you rent a place? I think it’s brilliant and would definitely influence my selection in the future, without a doubt! Alright, enough of this as I have to get going because TBEX is in full swing and there is a gondola ride to the summit where we’ll dine while enjoying a divine view, sounds alright? Keystone is great so far and I can’t wait to share more of it with you. The event at the summit tonight is basically the opening party and we here at iyashinoshigoto are most certainly lifelong fans of opening parties.

If you’re in Keystone and enjoy a good round of golf, check the courses out, they are class with a calm vibe. So you know, photos 2 & 3 are from The River course while the rest of them are from The Ranch.

Tips hat,

P.S: Good luck in that tournament gentlemen!

P.P.S: Thrilled with the condo, photos tomorrow.

P.P.P.S: Get good at golf when you’re young and enjoy it for a lifetime…

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