Supposed to be en route to the Thousand Islands area of Ontario but first we must discuss a most pleasant round of golf at Hautes Plaines in Gatineau, Quebec. The course was in really good condition with lots of elevation changes. It’s a Clublink course and at 1PM on a Sunday this time of year will cost you $51, no clue what it’s like earlier and assuming not Fall pricing. Definitely recommend this course and would gladly play again at that rate.

The course is about a 20 minute drive from Ottawa which translates to much longer on a Sunday. What’s up with Ottawa closing the street near the canal for some bike race or something!? It funnels all traffic into the King Edward bridge and makes it a disaster, so disastrous that one must “freestyle it” so to speak by cutting through an adjacent neighborhood, serious buzz kill.

The difference between this one and Poplar Grove / Bearbrook is quite vast. It’s just a far superior golf course in terms of conditions and location. If you’re really out of shape you may wish to get a cart as it’s that hilly. It’s also better than Anderson Links. Similar greens but the course layout is bar none better with amazing views of Ottawa and just fun / challenging holes.

Like most courses in Quebec, it’s nice but from Ottawa would be a death march after work. Afterwards went fishing and caught nothing, it’s getting seriously cold out here FYI. We’re talking 6 degrees, pants, bitter, cold and mean. This is just the start. Those of you who have never lived in a Nordic country have no idea, there is a reason people speak of “the summer” in such a holy text around these parts.

Bright side is that it’s fall, beautiful time of year. Considering a coffee addiction is keeping some people up until 2-3am, going fishing at 8am is quite early, still beats going into my old job with an XL coffee and then thinking “what am I doing with my life…” Speaking of fishing, went last night after golf to Petrie Island out near Orleans, caught nothing. The area is known for large pike fyi, have gotten lucky there, that sounds dirty.

As a reoccurring theme, it’s hard to imagine what this planet has in store from you from your back yard or even worse, your desk at work. Also, it’s hard to imagine what this world has in store for you in your home country just a few hours from your back yard… This drive is 1.5 hours and plan on enjoying every moment of it despite the fact I entered the code to my radio WRONG too many times and now it’s locked, sigh.

Tips hat,

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