A Good Friday in Brentwood, California

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I’m writing this from Brentwood, a few blocks from where the infamous OJ Simpson debacle took place on a grey old day. Got in late last night and was picked up by a friend; ended up staying up wayyyy too late, go figure eh? Forget the rain, let’s talk temp as it’s about say 69 or 17 degrees aka prime time.

This morning I went for a stroll to pick up some coffee and it was just bliss after being in the bitter cold. To think people in Cali are walking around comfortably in shorts and enjoying their lives while at the same time people are freezing to death a few degrees north… I know many have made their bed and are happy laying in it; for those of you who haven’t and want a change, CHECK YOUR OPTIONS.

This place may cost more but the quality of life is just well, higher. I’d go on but it’s late and I’m only here a few days. I’m off to look for some cheap snorkel equipment and then rolling to visit a few friends. As it happens, my friend from Freeport is living here now so we’re off to kick it with her for a bit. Also, a few university friends live not far from here so that’s cool too.

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