Goodbye Bangkok

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Twas fun,

The room I had was the worst ever. Right next to a techno rave. Also the bathroom was so dirty I had to buy a new pair of flip flops before entering. To make matters worse, ceilings connected. Was rudly awakened by some drunk guy.

Went hunting for an iphone 4, they are like $800us fully unlocked. Only had 3Gs which they want ~$655, am I wrong saying that is ridiculous? Oh the 4 was 16 gb, the 3GS was only 8, can’t do it. I do believe traveling with an iphone would make things easier as well as distract oneself from the surroundings, double edged sword?

I will note that after you have been to a certain area a certain number of times, it is no longer what it was. The mystery is gone and doesn’t even really feel like traveling. On a random note, one can get a tuk tuk to MBK for 100 baht, good luck though depends more on driver than anything. No use bargaining, they will throw it out or they will want something ridiculous like 200.

I’m outta here, finally got rid of that North Face jacket from Sapa. It was getting old, moldy and well it was not water proof or warm. Traded it for a smoke to a tuk tuk driver. A good deal for all involved.

Peace out Bangkok,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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