Writing this from , Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic as I start to think about packing my bags. In two hours I’m on a bus to the airport where I’ll fly to Miami, hang out eating over-priced food for an hour or four before heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dominican Republic has been a sick time and this mancation was just what the doctor ordered. Besides exploring this island and having a slick time, met some sweet new friends I’m sure I’ll kick it with in other parts of the world, one of these days…

There were not many updates as it has been super busy and I’ve been having an incredible time. Solo travel is cool ,holidays with the family are fun, spending times with loved ones is lovely but sometimes you simply can’t beat kicking it with a crew of gents. We drank lots of delicious drinks, had loads of laughs, goofed around on the golf course and conquered fears and crevasses while canyoning. I can’t believe it’s over but such is life right? Time flies when you’re having fun and although we all have a finite time here, I’d rather for it to pass in flash of fun than drag out like a dark day…

So, I’m arriving in Argentina early tomorrow morning after a night flight which is ideal as well, I’m flying in blind. I booked a room based on a recommendation from one of the gents I met here. Honestly, this is what I live for!! That feeling of flying somewhere totally new, somewhere you’ve never been, that feeling of being anonymous in a city filled with interesting characters. Also, everything will be new and I’ll have a chance to perfect my Spanish. Being bilingual is brilliant but trilingual would be terrific, yes? Also I’ve heard great things about Buenos Aires and Argentina in general.

Oddly, it feels like my trip is just starting despite having been doing this for 4.x years now. It feels like I’m taking that first one way flight to Bangkok with a whole world of discovery ahead of me. I could go on about random plans made my myself, mice and other men but why? Who knows what will happen, I sure as heck don’t. Whatever will be will be and I’ll do my best to update here prolifically so we can all see.

Alright, I’ve said enough, it’s time for me to stop this slack and start to pack.

Next stop, the unknown!

Stay tuned for lots more updates from the Dominican Republic over the coming weeks…

In closing, big thanks to again for their hospitality, muchos gracias amigos!

Tips hat,

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