I’m in Amman, Jordan writing this from a hotel room. Arrived today and quite excited to be on my first ever Press Trip courtesy of the . Arrived today at about 6PM and so far quite enjoying the country, let us continue…

Didn’t get much sleep last night, was tossing and turning, perhaps I just couldn’t sleep, perhaps a bit nervous or a bit of anxiety, not sure. I’ve never done anything like this before so it’s all new, wasn’t sure what to expect. Sorta reminded me of my old job, the night before a large meeting you were organizing. Everything you need to do is done until the night before rolls around and then suddenly all these things you should have thought of start appearing.

Woke up early, got a shave, what a pleasant experience that was. Then headed for a shawarma but it was closed, was over the moon when I found an exchange booth that would cash Romanian and Bulgarian notes, thought I was stuck with a few hundred euro from currencies only valid in respective countries. Not so thrilled when I saw the exchange but it’s all part of the “cost of doing business”.

Made it to the airport via the tram, from Sultanahmet it will take you about 50 minutes. Caught a flight with and it was pleasant with good food, I recommend the fish. Met a really nice family from Kuwait on the way and ended up chatting with the father about travel for most of the trip. He filled me in on many areas that I’ve never met anyone who has ever visited before.

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