Goodbye Naxos, Ferry to Athens

Greetings from Athens,

I’m in Athens, slowly digesting an extraordinarily large gyro that I bought from this tiny shop for 1.80E. Woke up early today and caught the ferry from Naxos to Athens. In another part of Athens, still equally as impressed as the first time.

The ferry was a typical ferry ride but the ocean was rather rough. You know the ocean is rough when a monster ferry is kinda bobbing around like a rubber ducky in a bathtub when an overzealous obese bather jumps in.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Rome and quite looking forward to it. I’d have more to report but that’s about all that really happened. In other news, Greece is having a large protest today, probably downtown somewhere. I’m not downtown and don’t care to partake.

Totally unrelated, was doing some work on the ferry, I’m feeling creative and productive. Instead of just randomly roaming around Europe like some lost settler, considering renting a crib in a tourist town for a month and see how that plays out…

Tips hat,

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