Happy Easter From iyashinoshigoto

It’s Easter, make sure you spend it with cool people if you aren’t lucky enough to spend it with family. If you don’t even celebrate it or care to know what it’s about, that’s cool too. Suffice to say, I’m off to a friend of a mutual friends for, well, Eastern Dinner!? A friend of a mutual friend, never said that before. Then again, isn’t that just a friend of a friend?

Was hanging out the other day and some moto guy was like “Need a ride” and I was like “no, but I”ll play some checker with you.” Everyone travels for a reason, everyone lives the life they do for a reason. I travel because I love meeting people, it’s that simple. Money is what lubricates your existence on this planet but friendly encounters is what makes it all worthwhile.


Author: iyashinoshigoto

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