Happy Thanksgiving From Granada, Nicaragua!


This is a brief “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” message from Granada, Nicaragua. Who would have thought there would be a monster “serve yourself” family style Thanksgiving feast in downtown Granada, Nicaragua? Turns out there was, the fine people at Margarita Bar hosted the event and it was delicious.

Still in Granada, there is something happening on Saturday that I’d like to attend, perhaps. So may stick around for that, perhaps. Turns out that meal had everything including but not limited to turkey, ham, potatoes, corn, carrots, green beans, scalloped corn, stuffing, gravy, salads, olives, coleslaw, brownies, pumpkin pie, apple pie, whip cream and MORE. I just listed the things found on the plate listed here. The cost was $11US, what would that get me back home, oh ya an unenthusiastic appetizer at Kelsey’s, Denny’s or some other oddly named 3rd tier restaurant with antisocial staff.

Crazy world we live in my friends, the photo below is of my office. This is where the “magic happens” so to speak. That small spot in this massive universe has proved incredibly productive for this gentleman. Have been getting emails from readers lately about a table of contents, how do I find old posts etc… As a result will be changing / heavily modifying this theme before I leave this city. This is a theme I threw up the day I left, time for egregious change as change = progress.

Thanksgiving for us Canadians was in October, glad to be celebrating it again as I have relatives in the USA doing just that. To make me feel even more at home, there was a life size poster of Tom Brady in the bar and that is #random. The meal was so good that I wish I could have to replay at another time.

Happy Thanksgiving, don’t go into debt just because it’s “Black Friday” tomorrow.

Tips hat,

P.S: Not a whole lot to see and do here from a tourism point of view but from a guy / gal hanging out working on web businesses point of view, this place is straight up perfect.  Remember that you’ll never know unless you go…

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