Hello HAPPY HUT & Volunteering on LCI!?

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Good day,

First off let me say that they re-opened the “Happy Hut” yesterday and I couldn’t be more THRILLED! This is the real “bar” on the island now with a huge circular dance floor and random things painted all over that really pop in the black light. You can do what you want with your life while you’re there and that’s part of the appeal. Previously we had bars like Tranquilo and Aguilla’s which are cool but they aren’t this place…

Tranquilo, The Shack and Sweet Oasis are all cool spots to sip some soda while watching a sunset but there isn’t the “get up and get down” type atmosphere that many around the world, myself included enjoy thoroughly. Turns out this egregious group of 20 or so 20 year old women are here to help do good things for the school, as a result of some of my “new friends”, I’ve decided to help out a bit, hopefully I won’t get grunt work but can hang out with one of the organizers and just oversee things, more my style.

Anyways, the nightlife on this island just took a monster gap up, we have a bar and it’s cool. By cool I mean you’ll have a good time. The Happy Hut is right behind Tranquilo, kinda buried in the jungle really. Remember that I volunteered in Odessa, Ukraine – looks like I’m up to my old tricks again.

I think I’d be a sick geography teacher but hey, that’s just me…

Oh yeah, my iphone broke again (software & battery issues) it’s a $750 paper weight until I get to the USA, I think.

Have a splendid weekend.

Tips hat,

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