Thanksgiving and Hiking Drake Bay, Costa Rica

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It’s Thanksgiving today and I’m thrilled to be somewhere that treats a turkey dinner seriously. Today was cool and I spent most of it just relaxing and lounging after hiking Drake Bay, meeting friends and well, living life. Woke up at 5am and went for a long jog along the beach until I got to these rocks, looked back and realized it’s time to turn back or someone will find me laying face down in the sand as the tide comes in, it happens.

Sure enough, I got lucky when it comes to friends on the road once again. As it happens there are lots of couples, families and older people here at the Drake Bay hotel I’m staying at called Aguila de Osa. Luckily for me, in the room next to mine is a girl my age from London and we’ve been hanging out. We decided to go on a hike to find this remote beach of sorts and naturally got lost.

We walked through the jungle, crossed a suspension bridge, got confused and finally found ourselves on the beach above. I made a video of the whole thing that I’ll be sharing at some point in the future. I’m pretty lucky that I got to partake in Thanksgiving all the way down here in Costa Rica. It was a delicious meal I won’t soon forget that started with fresh yellowfin tuna sashimi followed by some Amberjack before the main event.

Thanksgiving is easily the best of all holidays in my opinion, why you ask? Simply because it’s all about things that matter like good food, laughs and family. Christmas is also cool but it’s turned into chaotic consumerism where people spend money they don’t have buying presents people don’t need.  I’m tripping on turkey right now and couldn’t be happier. It’s always nice to celebrate a holiday overseas with good people if you can’t be with your people aka the family.

Tomorrow I should be going on a tour unless it’s raining. This place is stunning but I’m having a really hard time capturing it in a way that pleases me as let’s face it, a grey sky doesn’t make for the best photos. It’s the tail end of rainy season so I guess it’s to be expected, right? That said, it’s great to be in a luxury eco-lodge again. Hanging out watching waves in a chilled out environment where everything is taken care of to a high standard is just one of those treats that never gets old. Regardless of the lifestyle you live, it gives you a chance to think and recharge your batteries.

Suffice to say, thrilled I made it to Drake Bay and crossing my fingers for some sun tomorrow so I can showcase this special place in a most appropriate manner. If you’re coming here, give yourself some time. I’m visiting for 3 days but could easily spend a week or more here. This excursion has gotten me thinking about a few different locations on the Osa Peninsula that I should investigate before finally heading north…

I’d continue but I can feel a food coma coming on so I had better wrap this up.

Tips hat,

P.S: Somehow all the plates gravitated towards mine at the end, not sure how that happened…

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