Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet in British Columbia


Below  is a video I filmed yesterday while hiking the Wild Pacific Trail with Brendan. The video really gives you an idea of what went down and I’d tell anyone in the area go walk hike that trail as it’s not very challenging but incredibly rewarding in the scenery department.

This is one of those stops on the trip so far that had I been traveling alone, I’d probably get comfortable and stay for a few days or more. It’s not one of those places where there is this busy scene but it’s one of those places here you’re content just being, if that makes sense to you… The photo below kinda sums up the mood, or at least mine, ha.


Don’t miss yesterday’s update called “Really Starting to Like Ucluelet, British Columbia“.

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P.S: Officials’ Pub has really tasty subs.

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10 thoughts on “Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet in British Columbia

  1. Looks like the perfect place for active yet quiet introspection during the summer. Great for those of us who would rather go on a long hike/run in cooler weather to calm the soul instead of lazing on a warm beach (which is also good, but let’s be honest – no one is going to be THAT active in summertime HEAT)

    1. It’s so chilled out, I loved it and wasn’t fully ready to leave but the show must go on. I’m in Tofino so far and really loving it, solid vibe and a way bigger scene, the surfing isn’t so bad either.

      Thanks for dropping by my distinguished friend.

  2. I have now decided where I am now going when the family heads to Disney World next year. Imagine… aaahhh reflection, relaxation, and just being…. there- embracing and all swaddled up in the amazing surroundings! Thanks for sharing, love it!

    1. It’s very cool and also check out Tofino where the kids can learn to surf. It’s funny how some theme parks are well known for their activities, when you get way out into nature everywhere you look is an activity waiting to happen.

      We went surfing today and it was just solid fun, the wet suit keeps you warm! :]

      1. Yes that would be a must. LOL- they would never go on vacation without me BC would be more educational and breathtaking than a commercialized nightmare anyways. Thanks for the recommendations, keeping it bookmarked. Enjoy the rest of your stay there in Tofino. 🙂

        1. Definitely more breathtaking, nobody paints a picture like Mother Nature. Tofino was great times for Canada Day.

  3. I love to hike, whether it’s a challenging trail or not. I agree with Charlie, it’s always more enjoyable in cooler temps. I have to say, that trail has incredible views. As I have stated before, I love water. This is a fantastic combination!

  4. haha.. great video. Looks like an awesome hike. Besides the beautiful nature i really like the ‘set the camera down technique and then walk into frame while making sure to not focus on the camera’. That was key. 🙂 Of course busting out with the French to the ladies was also classic iyashinoshigoto.. nicely done. Want to see more of these vids.

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