In Leipzig, Germany for the Social Travel Summit

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Good day,

I’m writing this from my room at Pentahotel in Leipzig, Germany. It’s been a long 24 hour trip from Malta but I’ve finally arrived and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Today I’m off to the Porsche factory for some fun and over the next two days there will be plenty of workshops, seminars and networking opportunities for some of the brightest minds in the travel social media space, excited! We’re all here for the inaugural Social Travel Summit.

I flew with Air Malta to Frankfurt and it was a pleasant flight. I quickly realized I was back on the mainland and far away from the sunshine of Malta when I exited the plane to a rather cool grey old day. That said, I wasn’t in Frankfurt long as I immediately began the train journey to Leipzig. I landed in Frankfurt at 6:15pm and not long after midnight, I was in Leipzig.

The train journey was interesting because as I always like to say, it’s the journey and not the destination. It was a routine ride until the gent across from me went for a beer and offered me one; I said but of course then returned the favor. Time flew by as fast as the landscape and in no time I was nearing my destination and saying goodbye to my new friend.

That’s when an older lady who now lives in Canada got in and we began chatting. She was just at her sister’s funeral and works in nursing. We discussed health and a wide arrange of topics. Something I love about travel is the social aspect of it and I’m not talking about online here. I’m talking about meeting new people, getting a glimpse of the world through other people’s perspectives and ultimately learning a little more about the world and your role in it.

If you take a look at the Social Travel Summit’s program, you can quickly see that my hardest decisions for the next few days are what sessions to attend. I’ve got a few in mind but that is always open to change last minute when new information presents itself. I’d continue but I’ve got plenty to do as the next few days promise to be most productive and pleasurable.

If you’re keen on social media and travel, do follow #STSLeipzig on all major networks and join in on the conversation.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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