Club Insomnia Bangkok


It’s Saturday night aka the healthiest night of the week to go out with Monday most certainly being the least. If you’re in the Suhkumvit area and looking for a good night club, check out Soi 12 and hit up Insomnia Night Club in Bangkok.

What’s cool about the setup is that to get to the night club, you need to go through this small door in the back of a 1950’s diner called V8 Diner that has a happy hour special until 1 am. You’re like “who cares about such said happy hour”. Well, the price of a beer is basically the same as 7/11 and has a random cross section of people in the 20 and 30 somethings zone.

Club Insomnia Bangkok

It’s a welcome change as the majority of the nightlife I’ve found around that part of town is the “Pub Type People” with pubs like the Londoner, the Dubliner or say Robin Hood. It also has Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy but those aren’t night club destinations, if you know what I’m saying.

Club Insomnia Dancer Bangkok

Worth noting is that it also has risers with professional dancers on them. I’d argue it has the 2nd best dancer I’ve ever seen. The best dancers are those at Sky Garden in Bali and the 3rd best are the Go Go Dancers at “Lava” in Las Vegas. If you’re into dance clubs and ridiculously cheap beer before you get to the club, check out the Suhkumvit Soi 12 area and have some fun.

Club Insomnia Bangkok

It’s Saturday, make it count.

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