It’s Canadian Thanksgiving #YES

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Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year as it has no real religious undertones or ceremonies that take up your time, it also has no pointless consumerism attached to it so you can be friendly without the fear of having to buy someone a horrible hand knit mock turtle neck with a nail clippings necklace but could still attend a tailgate, should one be so inclined…

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, a time of year where you kick back with a bottle of jack your friends and family and are thankful for whatever you have. Whether you’re eating a delicious turkey that your uncle personally broke the neck of or scarfing down a McDonald’s meal that makes no sense, you should be thankful. Above all else, you should be thankful for finding this website, just kidding but not really, at all, seriously.

If you’re traveling here are some tips, just kidding. If you need to be told that there will be traffic and to “pack a lunch” to save money or avoid heavy accelerating to save gas, I’m assuming you’re reading this from an insane asylum and chances are you won’t be leaving your padded room which albeit “comfortable” is still a prison of sorts. Chances are you’re straight up crazy and it’s no surprise you’re in a straight jacket.

I digress.

Back to reality, it’s a beautiful time of year, supposed to go to my sisters for lunch with the family which is a #yes and #snore all in one. Personally, I’d like to drive through the Gatineau Hills pretending I’m Huckleberry Finn and make my way into the deep unknown (ok not really but sorta) and just take photos of the fall foliage while casting a few lines into Meech Lake and hoping a warden isn’t around as I never bothered getting my Quebec license and don’t feel like losing my car.

Whoever you are and wherever you are and whatever you believe, you have something to be thankful for so be THANKFUL FOR IT! We could all have more and certainly have less, next time you feel like a dirty douche bag for whatever reason, just think that somewhere RIGHT NOW someone is getting the news that someone they love is dead or diagnosed with a random terminal illness or case of aggressive Hispanic herpes.

On that topic, we all gotta go one day so seriously, do what you can and like now because if you fail, a few haters will make fun of you and if you succeed you’ll be dead in the next 80 years or so anyways and no one will care either way. Get where I’m going? Of course you sorta do but there is a twist, I’m going to get another coffee.

It’s THANKSGIVING – Go hug a stranger and slap a turkey in the oven.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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