It’s POURING in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Greetings fine citizens of the internet,

It’s POURING in Phuket, Thailand. Absolute insanity really. I would say it’s “raining cats and dogs” but it’s more like “it’s raining rhinos and cattle” or something to that effect.

Since arriving in Phuket I’ve slept a whopping 34 hours. 15 hours each night ~9PM-Noon and the first afternoon I passed out for 4 hours before dinner. When you have no job, staying up ~36-40 hours at a time is no big deal, similarly to sleeping an entire day. “Time” really has no meaning except some restaurants and stores are closed when you’d like them to be open.

I think I have a stomach bug or just a really crappy stomach. I found a place that served street soup and I eat it. Later that night it felt like I had gremlins drilling a hole in the side of my abdomen. The next day I was trying to think what it could be. It surely “can’t be my stomach” as I can eat anything, I pride myself in my stainless steel stomach.

Sketchy soup in Phuket, Thailand

I go back to same place, yeah it was definitely the sketchy street soup. My knee is getting way better. I took out the “last bit of infection” the other day, it was weird and came out like a big piece of snot. After that it was just a hole, a deep one at that.

I have been playing “Doctor and Nurse” on myself by taking this infection very seriously (last 2-3 days) and even went to the Pharmacy and bought all the supplies, it cost me a crazy $1.30US, ha! I change the bandage and disinfect it then put on the antibiotics. It’s all good. I now feel like I have an elementary school child’s understanding of infections and proper procedures.

medical kit in Phuket, Thailand

It’s pouring, I’ve been wandering around for the last hour or so just “enjoying my life” like an old retired guy without a care in the world. I’m glad to be leaving Patong though. It’s overpriced, over crowded with banana hammock wearing euro’s and seedy sex tourists. I’ve never seen so many here. I find it amusing and disturbing all in one.

My flight to Bangkok is at 11:30 tonight. I will lobby for an extended checkout and then just get to the airport whenever I get there. They have some SICK deals on Ping / Callaway and Titleist Golf Shirts around here. You know the ones made from that stretchy “athletic” fabric.

I am trying to remember prices in Bangkok and have come to conclude I’m 1000X better at sniffing out deals now then ever before. This one lady wanted 200b each shirt. I told her how much for 5, she said 180. I scoffed and said “I could get 180 for 1 from you”, she smiled. I punched in 140 and she said “ok”.

Ping Golf Shirts in Phuket, Thailand

At another place today on the way here, they wanted 400b each shirt, not even the “primo” material. I walk away “200!” Kept walking. I really like PING it’s my favorite golf company hands down and I love their little “ping guy” logo.

On the topic of golf, I hope Tiger Woods starts playing again. We all knew he was a player so we shouldn’t be shocked about this. I just don’t understand why he got married at all? Furthermore, his wife is hot, no denying it but she looks BORING. I’m sure Tiger just couldn’t take it anymore.  Tiger just decided to “stop having a boring life”, it’s that simple really.

I digress.

I’ll get into Bangkok and go straight to Khao San Road. The place is a JUNGLE but I know my way around and will run into other tourists. I need to decide whether I go to Laos / Cambodia or just stay chill out.

I have a friend from Finland and some lady friends from Spain arriving in Bangkok ~13th. That will be about the time this whole knee infection will be done and “drinks” may be in order.

I’m starting to realize what kind of tourist I am. Instead of visiting 100 countries, why not learn 10 languages? I think being able to speak 10+ languages would be cool. Much cooler than a bunch of stamps. You can  survive on just English but surviving is for suckers. I truly like to thrive. As a result, I may look into a Thai intensive course. This would extend my visa, give me a reason to chill in Bangkok and get me “going” on a really cool language.

Alright, this post which had “no plan” has taken on a life of it’s own. Next you hear from me, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be in Bangkok writing about how much I love the freshly squeezed OJ you can get on most corners, MAN I love that stuff.

Tips hat,

Patong Phuket, Thailand

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3 thoughts on “It’s POURING in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

  1. sry 2 hear about the knee, but it’s sound’s like u are ok.. chill out for a bit. why rush 2 cambodija and laos, when u have all the time in the world.. every time i leave bkk i start missing the fresh oj! damn. keep up the good updating..

  2. Rob – I love Thailand and Indonesia for that matter.

    Julian – You are CORRECT SIR! I think I will just “veg” a while.

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