Welcome to all you new readers and a surreal smile to long term readers alike. I was recently in Israel and we took a visit to the Holy City, to say I have lots of Jerusalem pictures would be an understatement. This is arguably the most photogenic city on the planet, at least it is from all the cities I’ve seen and that’s a few to say the least. The place is magical and it has an aura about it that simply can’t be described. Regardless of what religion you practice or none at all, you should go there and stroll the streets with open eyes and a clear mind…

I’m really happy with how these Jerusalem pictures came out and yes, I have lots more. It’s arguably the mother city of all cities and the oldest city in the world… If you like the “Old Town” of most major cities, you’ll flip for this place. We only spent two days there but I’m in the middle of making plans to return for a longer stay so I can see and eat more delicious food. Everywhere you look it’s a photo and you’ll find people from around the world of every different faith, it’s unique.

Aren’t unique experiences part of what makes travel so alluring?

Enjoy these pictures and toda to Dig Israel for choosing iyashinoshigoto for this mission. Most of these photos are just random street shots aka my favorite to take and look at. Naturally I captured most of the big tourist attractions but what always floats my boat is just the random stuff aka that frozen moment of time consisting of people going about their lives. In my mind, this is the type of stuff that really gives you an idea of what you may experience should you visit.

Most of these shots are taken inside the walls of the Old City. Jerusalem quickly climbed into one of my favorite cities on the planet. I’m a huge fan of old cities, interesting people, good food and hubs where randoms from around the world come to explore. Straight up, I love Jerusalem and am very thankful for getting to experience it. If you go, you’ll know what I mean and remember our motto here at iyashinoshigoto: “you’ll never know unless you go…”

Enjoy the rest of these Jerusalem pictures.

Tips hat,

P.S: Big hello to all my Israeli friends…

P.P.S: Still at the jungle office in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica indefinitely…

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