Good day,

Supposedly it’s Island Clean Up Day or something of the like as all the kids are running around with bags and picking up debris. Naturally those doing such a task will be prone to procrastination. There are these massive pipes that washed up on shore (more on that later) and the islanders are cutting them up in to what appears to be monstrous lobster traps, seriously.

Suffice to say the kids began sliding down this thing with great vigor and zeal until a teacher also known as “buzz kill” came over and reminded them they were working, not playing. Some things are most certainly true around the world, no doubt. If you’re from a northern country, this may remind of you when you were 7 and light enough to slide on top of the crusted snow after a bout of freezing rain in a pair of plastic bottomed boots… That or the infamous “slip and slide” you hope someone’s dad didn’t lay over roots…

Starting to get re acclimatized to this place, pace and heat.

Tips hat,


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