Learn to Speak Basic Thai Phrases

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Come to the conclusion that  I love Thailand and think it’s time to learn to speak some basic Thai phrases.  Hope to learn enough to speak it conversationally in the not too distant future.

The 5 most important sayings you need to know as a tourist are these: Hello, Where is, Right, Left and Thanks. With that small amount of a language, you can get around. If you don’t know the “right and left” you’ll be screwed on hand signals, especially if there are many turns.

  • Hello: sa-wat-dee
  • Where is: you tee nai (kap or ka)
  • Turn left: leaw sai
  • Turn right: leaw kaw
  • Thanks: kob kun (kap for men) (ka for women)

Other useful sayings:

  • How much?: gee baht or an-nee-tao-rai (must test but I like “gee baht”)
  • Can we do this cheaper?: lot noi dai mai
  • Never mind: mai ben rai
  • Delicious: a-roi
  • Excuse me(bump into someone): kor tang noi (kap or ka)
  • See you later: leaw jor kan mai (been saying “lagon” and it seems to work)
  • I’m fine thanks: sa-bai-de kob kun kap/ka
  • Nothing much: mai me ar rai mak
  • What’s new?: me a rai mai bang

That’s it for now. Obviously tonality will be an issue but the more I speak of languages to different people, I’m learning that “English and French” are some of the most complicated out there with dozens of words to say the same thing and even more “tenses”. Many languages have less words and are more straight forward. I’ll do some digging and see where this goes.

That said, I’ve written down the major 10 I wish to use and will start using them whenever possible. Then slowly try and put together scenarios where I could theoretically speak nothing but Thai for simple daily interactions and go from there.

We shall see.

Tips hat,

P.S: The above spellings may be incorrect, trying to best describe how it sounds as “written Thai” is a whole new world.

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