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Good day,

This will be brief, this is my last day in Lagos, I suppose.

Was going to leave yesterday when I realized hostels / hotels are way more expensive on weekends in major cities. Why not spend 1 more day here? Today I need to do laundry and whatnot as I can get it done cheap here and furthermore, it’s just a nice place. Was going to leave today but train reservations are usually used on weekends, I’d rather travel when people are at work.

That said, it does feel like hanging out with an ex, ever done it? It’s just not the same anymore, the spark is gone. Last night did my usual rounds until I ran into my Kiwi friend and both of us were like “this sucks”. If you do anything too often it becomes boring, seriously. Going out in Lagos has become boring it’s just the same frenzy of flyer people and other randoms.

The problem is, it’s “comfortable here” but people don’t kill people, comfort kills people or at least potential. If I settled for comfortable, I’d still be at home at a job that wasn’t for me in a city that has winter like temps for most of the year, yawn.


Also if you aren’t going to go to a party and “be the party” you may as well just go home and stop stinking up the place. That said, most of you are just stinkers so you wouldn’t even know what I am talking about… Like that dude with BO, he has no clue, but everyone else does. Don’t be a stinker.

Here is a video I made with Victoria from . If you are looking to work in a bar scene, this is a great place. Also Phoenix charged 6E cover on their 2nd night. I’d of thought “free drinks for women” would have been a better “opening type party”… Why pay to go into an empty club? Should be “Elementary my dear Watson” styles…

Also for some reason many of those 5E meals aren’t so hot on the stomch and let us not forget, I’ve been in Asia for 8 months so my stomach is definitely stronger than yours. Just throwing it out here. If you do come and don’t work, set a budget or time and whichever you reach first leave. YOU CAN SPEND LOTS HERE, trust me hahahah.

Tips hat,

P.S: Thanks to all those people I will never meet who sent me magic money for my online businesses while I was busy doing whatever it was I was doing. You guys rule, seriously.

P.P.S: We also talked (off camera) about other travel bloggers and some of the LAME emails you send to better your cause, if you need to ask for credits, you don’t deserve them. Shakes head with much disdain for many of you lot.

Search Du Jour!?: “fishing tips lagos portugal” Eh… I could use some myself…

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