Less than lucky fishing

We caught nothing but was to be expected. Our bait was weak like sending in an unshowered, unemployed overweight guy to court a super model in the climax of her career.

Someone did find a rug though and subsequently helped themselves to the hooks, the nerve!

Today bought an octopus from a gents daily catch for 1000tsh and used some to bait 12 of the hooks.

Again, no one in the bay, will look at a packed beach differently from now on. Unless of course the beach is packed with people you’d want to meet when in the mood to meet them.

Never fished In the Indian ocean that I can remember, hopefully some lofty lunkers are landed in traditionally egregious fashion.

Octopus tasted great, becoming a serious fan and as always ” a mans gotta eat.”

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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