I write this exhausted but in the best of moods at “The Cottage” which is the name for my first and small house here on Little Corn Island located ~55 miles off the coast of Nicaragua in the most charasmatic Caribbean Sea. A friend asked me to find something for her on an old hard drive and I started going through the collection I have here, I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find a lot of photos from my past travels.

A few moments later, I found the song below. It was given to me from a friend in Lagos, Portugal in June, 2010. That was a crazy and most wonderful time my life, also when I happened to turn 30 and had been on the road for almost a year. Moments later I found a photo of Alta Vista(my second property and the name of my new house / neighbourhood I grew up in) before anything ever happened there. It was just my old dog “Chops” sitting and hanging out while some cows were grazing.

You see, I’ve been busy on Little Corn for lots of the last 5 years but the last 2 years have been pretty intense. Forget that though, today’s the day, heck an hour ago was the time I walked away from Alta Vista with all the doors in. The house is basically done and I could live in it tomorrow if I wished. All that’s left are a few small things which don’t need to be done really but most certainly will be. Listening to this song and seeing that photo made me realize that the biggest project I’ve ever undertook is coming to a close.

Once it’s done, my parents are coming for a few weeks and then I’m off to Vegas. Vegas is also connected to my past as it’s where I flew from British Columbia after an extended stay following a friend’s wedding. It was there which I wasn’t sure where to go, caught a lift with a friend to Los Angeles and bought that one way ticket to Bangkok. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing as I type this, it’s where the first big tour started and where the next big one will too.

I love Little Corn Island and it’s without a doubt my favourite place to pass time on this planet but… I also realized that there was nothing inherently wrong with where I was from(Ottawa), it’s just some people aren’t meant to follow the same path as others. You know, graduate school, get a job, settle down and keep going… Some people are meant to travel the world, some people actually feel most at home on the road. I’ve got two houses now roughly 7 years after I flew on that one way ticket to the wedding in September, 2009. I can also officially say that nothing excites me more than the idea of seeing more of this wonderful world.

I’ve got lots to do so I better wrap this up but leaving the job site with my cool crew and saying “Wow, this is the first time we really close the doors” was one of those moments in life I will never forget. It’s done, we’ve had the security gates up for a while but Alta Vista is basically done. It went from an idea to a dream, from a dream to a construction site, from a construction site to a house and now a home. Wow, what a ride it has been, it was like the mission of a million steps and we’ve only got a few left.

If you’re reading this and are feeling uneasy about spending the rest of your life in one place, don’t worry, as you’re not alone. The world has changed and it’s a most magnificent place. I urge you to go out and follow your dreams but don’t keep them too rigid as the person you’ll become the further you travel will have more opportunities and ideas than the person you were when you left.

So let’s go back, I’m still here for another 5+ weeks but mentally, the trip has already begun. This chapter is coming to a close and the next one is starting. It was one h3ll of a hurdle but eating a whale is possible, you just need to sit at the table, sleep at the table and never leave the table until every last bite of that mammoth meal is done.

What excites me most about the world is still the people but also the food and everything else.

Tips hat,

P.S: Interested in the builds? it’s been my main focus of late.

P.P.S: Feels great to be inspired to write about travel again, oh how I’ve missed it.

Author: iyashinoshigoto


  1. For not being a fully developed country , I gotta say Nicaraguense’s go hard .
    Especially with the limited resources ,they Sure got it done ! Congrats bro!!!!
    Your a True inspiration

    1. The people on this island in particular are some of the most hardcore people I’ve ever met. If you’ve ever lifted a sack of cement, sand or gravel it will give you a glimpse of what it took to get that roof up. Endless respect for all the crew that helped build Alta Vista, it was a heavy, heavy job.

  2. Love all your videos on Big and Small Corn Island. I actually have a place on Big Corn Island but I spend most of my time here in Pennsylvania. Your post take me back to my happy place on the Island. Keep posting.

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