Living a Dogs Life on Koh Phi Phi

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awesome view from viewpoint on koh phi phi thailand

I sit here, massaging my most magnificent moustache(sic), pondering the potential of the next prolific party, debating my next diabolically delicious dinner and staring at the fan on the ceiling with a grin on my face.

Last night, after a dinner that could of be in the dictionary next to the word divine, we went to “Reggae Bar”. Reggae bar is our new hangout, to start the night, for most obvious reasons. Another fine and distinguished gentleman wearing evening attire and sporting a most marvelous moustache remarked “Would you like a bucket?”, to which I quickly quipped “I’m about as interested in a bucket as I am starting my MBA”. Moments later, I said “good evening” before returning to retire to my room. This gentleman is having the time of his life, but he is also starting to feel slightly, how do you say, “tired”?

My head crashed into the pillow when I got home and within moments I was deep deep into dreamland. That’s when the nightmare began. I dreamt that I was home, back in Ottawa and GASP, working. I was getting out of my finely crafted german automobile on a ground covered like a carpet in disgustingly white snow. I love white, white beaches, white t-shirts, white teeth and of course white kicks, I digress.

The dream was that I was home, it was one of those dreams where you become slightly concious of what’s happening. A dream where you aren’t sure if it’s real. Nightmares never go away, they just change with the concerns and musings of the mind making them like a magician at the MGM Grand.

I woke up, in a sweat and a gasp. As quickly as I awoke, I realized it was just a dream, just a horrible horrible trick my mind was playing on me. No later than the moment my head mashed into the pillow, I was out again.

A group was going on a boat trip to see “The Beach” and other things like that, I simply wasn’t feeling it and as a result, did my own thing. I was going to look for a cheaper room, last time I did that I almost got bed bugs, I’m off that. This room has everything I want including super chill people working and being the distinguished gentleman that I am who is entitled to more than the average, I am staying at the start of high season at a 20% discount. Today, someone was looking for a room and I sold her on it, at a 20% sur of course.

I am a man who cares not about price, I don’t see price. I only see percentages, my mind calculates faster than you can pull out the calculator on your mobile. When I see a price for ANYTHING I immediately being comparing it to there possible subsitutes. If you don’t mind your small purchases, how will you ever assume the position to mind big decisions? Life isn’t about price, it’s about percentages and principle. Whether someone over charges you on a $1 coffee or a $1,000,000 home, it’s the principle and percentage difference to a comparable subsitute that matters. If you don’t get the principle, enjoy paying a higher price.

Wow, this update has taken on a life of it’s own and I haven’t even TOUCHED upon the topic I was going to. Earlier I wrote about “Enjoying the Day“, that is precisely what I did. From the moment I woke up and saw the market melt up, burning off the moustaches of the grizzly bears betting against the economy. On that note, next gold pullback, I will buy more. The US dollar is going to h3ll in a handbasket and I do business in US$, as a result I own enough gold related equities to sufficiently “hedge” my bleeding US position. Back to today. Then again, gold could be getting kinda toppy, therefor I may just let my previous investments climb, like a stairway to heaven. Actually, I don’t know what I’ll do and I’m not a broker so do your own due diligence.

Today, I checked out the view point as sweat streamed from every pore on my body as though I was taking a shower. It was a cleansing, invigorating and simply heavenly. Most go to one or two viewpoints, in typical “you’ll never know unless you go” fashion, I checked them all. Being alone, I didn’t have to slow down and walk for someone else, I went at my pace and sprinted up the hill until I ran out of breath, regained and ran some more. Another time I will tell you about the day I cracked my knee caps, not today. At the top of the mountain, I relaxed while flicking the ash from my cigarette, not a care in the world, staring into one of the most beautiful scenes my eyes have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

koh phi phi thailand

Upon returning I ran into this couple from Denmark who were going snorkeling, I dropped my camera off at home and joined them. I cruised through turquoise water while the sun tanned and burned every inch of my uncovered body. I saw schools of fish swim and hide, I saw an eel come from the depths and many other things you’d have to see and experience to appreciate so I won’t bother.

After that, I cruised through the village without a care in the world, I finally ended up at this other “reggae bar” as they blared reggae and chatted with a German traveling for 2 years. He’s not looking forward to going home. He said he’s a completely different man now then the one he was when he left. With him was one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in my life, from Australia no doubt. She was playing with a kitten and wearing it as a hat. Think Elle MacPherson in her early twenties but having a conversation with you.

After that, I returned my gear and took a shower before promptly passing out on my bed. I just slept like time meant nothing, because it doesn’t. TIME ONLY MEANS SOMETHING when you are under the control of something. If I need a ferry, that ferry controls my actions around the time I need to catch it. The majority of you think you’re free but your so controlled it would make your head spin. A typical “Employment” is the largest control they have out there. Bureaucracy loves control, without control you have chaos and chaos leads to anarchy.

I am truly starting to understand the meaning and term “it’s a dog’s life”. Dogs have no concept of time because they don’t need it. I am beginning to have no time concept, because I don’t need it. I sleep when I want, I eat when I want, I get thai massages when I want because I can. The irony is that with a bit of reprogramming and a bit of planning, YOU TOO can do what you want. Life is an obstacle course the length of a marathon filled with murder holes. The uninitiated fall into them from the get go and claw, climb, curse and cringe as they attempt to escape with no luck. These murderholes were crafted, carefully by men more clever than you to trap you and control you.

Ok this is getting much too verbose and I’m in the mood to expand my palate, good day to you.

P.S Had other images but they are taking forever or getting errors and I have better things to do.

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