Ever wondered what it would be like living in Bucharest, Romania? That’s part of the reason that I’m still here. I love it here and I’ve concluded that after the first 48-72 hours in any new city, you basically just develop a routine and stick to it, let me expand…

The first 24-48 hours in each city is usually filled with the “Ohhh ahhhh” stage where you look at all the attractions that interest you, perhaps visit some nightlife and go to a fancy restaurant. The next day you perhaps see something else, after that? You basically just live your life in that city….

Should I be in Bucharest for 1 week or 1 month, after 72 hours, I’ll basically be doing this: wake up when I wish, eat a boiled egg with a cup of joe, play online until my hands hurt, go for a stroll to a market and buy a sandwich or something, take a nap, go out to dinner and potentially drinks if the opportunity presents itself… That’s what I’ve done the last few days and will do again today.

You don’t need to live somewhere for 1 year to get a feel for it, the law of diminishing returns my friends, in the first 72-120 hours in any city, you kinda find your niche and discover the most, afterwards you continue to discover but at a much smaller rate, enough of this, alright!? Basically feels like I’ve started living in Bucharest.

Last night after this, headed to Caru Cu Bere and it was splendid, naturally. The ladies hated it though saying it was too loud, different strokes for different folks. Had a chicken cordon bleu with 2 sides, a liter of beer and split a cheese platter for a starter, the starter was amazing. Afterwards they all went out to paint the town, yours truly who has recently become a mature old sage or a mage if you’re into Dungeons and Dragons decided to retire early as well, things to be done.

This evening, will be meeting with @Kidha at an undisclosed location in Old Town to discuss social media. She’s very bright and we have overlapping spheres of influence and interest, it only makes sense to discuss possible collaborations, more on that later.

Booked a flight from Bucharest to Istanbul and I’m flying into the old airport, YES! The new one is really far and you need to organize a shuttle unless you’re clinically insane and feeling like spending 3 hours to get to your accommodations to save 5 euros. The flight was 71E one way, I like that price, especially last minute. I’m over super discount lines, they are only cheap if you travel with only a purse or murse of sorts. Basically they tear your pockets on checked luggage and if you don’t pay with a visa electron, they add like 15 euro, huh!?

Really enjoying it here, as I’ve said before one could live here. I’ll be Istanbul for exactly 1.5 days before flying to an undisclosed location, this will be a first and a great step forward for iyashinoshigoto, very excited and why I’m resting up. It will be the ultimate match of business and pleasure. A friend of mine his having a birthday party the night I’m there, black tie event, haha just kidding.

After watching the video above from Caru Cu Bere, can you see why a gentlemen who walks around in cargo shorts and a torn t-shirt while presenting the persona of a gent in a freshly pressed tuxedo and top hat would love it? Of course you did and let us not forget the pocket watch, moustache (sic) and cane.

Why dress down? Thieves can’t get blood from a stone… (applicable world-wide)

90% of the world tries to look richer than they are, let them be the target.

Tips hat,

P.S: This guy got his car stuck in a most egregious manner, had to help him inch it out, the only civilized thing to do.

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