I’m writing this from Montevideo which is the capital of Uruguay. It’s a small country nestled between giants Argentina and Brazil. It’s got quite a history which you can read about , should you be so inclined. I’m getting stuff sorted and resting up before the next big leg up on the adventures around here. For some reason I would have thought I’d end up hanging out in Buenos Aires over Montevideo but this place is sorta talking to me and I’ve found myself in an interesting situation I might as well prolong…

Uruguay has about 3.5 million people or so and supposedly half of them live here in Montevideo. It has a great beach which goes for roughly 22km as the city borders the ocean. There are many people doing their thing and living their lives at all times of day and no lack of inspiration should one wish to better themselves physically. It’s also got small and basic outside gyms of sorts which I’ve yet to see anywhere but in Asia. Sure enough, they are often busy and sure enough, I’ve gotten in the mix. You really only need a few stations to cover the basics, yes?

The price of beef is really low but the price of everything else is actually quite high. I was told how it’s pricey, expensive and the “Switzerland of South Americas” as purported by some. That said, it’s still quite reasonable or so you think until you look in your wallet and find considerably less than you thought and your new friends signs a shared two-bedroom apartment in Punta Carretas for 400EUR a month, what?! On a global scale not that crazy but compared to Argentina, considerably higher.

I’m in Pocitos which is right next to Punta Carretas and it’s quite nice.

So basically I signed up for a bed online and when I arrived, the place wasn’t open?! One thing lead to another and I’m in a huge room with 20 foot ceilings, office setup on the top floor of this building that also has roof access; perfect for end of day drinks. This spot is basically closed so it’s just myself and 2 others a few blocks from the beach, grocery store whatever else. Can’t complain on how this most unusual predicament presented itself.

Oh yeah, in the coming days I’m off to Punta del Este which is supposedly a great time BUT high seasons starts end of the month…

That photo is from the afternoon rooftop spot.

Tips hat,

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