So it’s been a month of living in Costa Rica. By living here a month I mean living in a house with a lifestyle similar to say North America. We cook our own food, do the dishes and the only real difference is that outside there are macaws on almond trees and if rum is being served it’s with fresh coconut water instead of a filthy fizz ridden coke product of some sort.

So besides the day to day what you get up to lifestyle during rainy season in Costa Rica, there are a couple of things that I really love around here. Things that mean a lot to a gentleman like myself and part of the reason I’m so content here. Let’s not waste any more of our precious time and dive right into the heart of the matter, yes?

Moto Taxi Delivery Service

This one is pretty self explanatory, yes? For $2US a gentleman will drive from town on a motorbike and bring you whatever you want. When I say whatever, I mean small things and naturally not a kitchen sink or something ridonkulously awkward like that. Not only was he here in less than 20 minutes but he also had a receipt for the purchase, first class service!

Fresh Fish

For like $4, I can get a filet of snapper on a bed of rice with potato and veg. It’s also got a salad and half an avocado, I kid you not. There are lots of Sodas in town. Not sure why they call them a Soda but it’s the name for little restaurant where you find characters like myself devouring pleasant platters.

Cheap Avocado

Avocado is like some delicacy up north. You have this tiny sliver in some sushi that cost you $73 and are supposed to be happy to have some. Here it’s $0.40 each avocado and they are fresh off the press (plant) and ready to go. I consume many of them with no regrets.

White Cheese

I don’t know how to better explain it except that white cheese they have around these parts. Some of it in some countries is really salty, others not so much. This one is not so much and also not so much money. It’s like a big block for $3 and I’m sure my heart is thankful for this. It’s good and goes on everything. Last night I had a fantasy of putting a bed of tomato with Italian dressing followed by this cheese and a bit of olive oil, hmmmm.

Small Town Charm

has that small town charm to it. A small but friendly place with a paved main drag and countless characters. It has all sorts of everything you’d ever need within reason and at a reasonable rate. It’s a fun town and I’ve had a pleasant experience on every excursion to date. It’s a good time strolling around under a blue sky while spirits and the temperature are high.

I could go on but these are the main things I felt like sharing on this Wednesday morning.

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo from sunrise in the harbor yesterday or the day before.

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