Lo Wu Shopping Center, Shenzhen

Lo Wu Shopping Center Shenzhen China


Today’s photo is of the Lo Wu Commercial Shopping Center in Shenzhen, China. This place is literally paradise for anyone who enjoys buying anything that has a brand name. Lot’s of purses, shoes, shirts, pants, watches, everything. I have some advice for you though…

Not all the quality is equal and they will often try and pawn low quality stuff on you. I found a place on the 3rd floor that looked like it sold something totally different and it had a fake door in the back. Behind there it had what appeared to literally be “factory 2nds” or over runs, not the typical “fake garbage”.

Also don’t be shy with your bargaining here. My favorite line is “listen, I’ve been here a while, I’ll pay you X, we got a deal?” Seems to work well. At any rate if you are in Shenzhen or in Hong Kong I recommend you take a visit here, it’s really quite something.


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