Lobster, Power & Cell Towers on Little Corn Island

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I’m amped and it everything to do with the new power situation here. When I arrived last year, there was power for 15 hours a day from 2pm-5am if you were lucky. Supposedly there was a big month long power outage here not long ago but that’s changed… Rumor has it Hugo Chavez donated a few generators to Nicaragua and both Big and Little Corn Island got one. Now we have, get this, power for 20 hours a day! That’s from 12PM-8AM and what a difference it makes…

For starters, I’ve written a few times and mentioned countless times that if you go out late here, the next day is a hellish shade of heaven. It’s hot as hades when you wake up with a heavy head and there is no relief, none except the odd hot shower and keeping your mind busy with regret. Now that it runs until 8am, you can feel free to stay out a little longer. Also, from a business point of view I can handle my stuff when I wake up and then do what is best about this island, wander around like a kid on summer holidays….

While on the topic of power, let’s talk about cell towers. Last year we had a faint at best connection from Big Corn Island for mobile phones, now there is a new tower and it’s changed the game. Previously, I’d be balancing precariously on high patios to get a signal, now you can surf the net from under your bed. Add that to the power change and this little tropical paradise is becoming a viable option for those working online besides the overzealous and insane.

Finally, we’re going to talk a bit more about lobster which is as you all know, dear to my heart in the form of caked on cholesterol. Those four tails I mentioned yesterday were joined by three larger ones and a feast was prepared for myself and some friends from the island. Just today while walking to get a coffee I saw a group of gents with a fishy looking bag and a scale, inquire and it was lobster; big fresh tails.

I took everything they had which was 3.75lbs at an agreeable rate. My lobster stockpile is starting and few things make me happier than picking up fresh lobster at agreeable rates besides oh I dunno, say power and solid internet connections?!? In closing, I went barracuda fishing last night from shore, this local kid we’ll call “Biscuit” who always comes along caught us the bait but no hits. A big one is coming, I can feel it in my bones and will be fishing the seawall at sunset until it happens.

The times are changing!

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo is a pimped out Claro logo turned mascot.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

7 thoughts on “Lobster, Power & Cell Towers on Little Corn Island

  1. Just curious, what side of the island were you staying on? I’m coming later this winter and I hear the signal is still non-existent on the Eastern, windy side. True?

    1. It’s a bit better now from when I first arrived but yes, east aka windy side has weakest signal as furthest from big corn.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi Rob, I am hoping to telecommute from Little Corn and hope you can tell me cell reception is good enough for 3G internet on the Cocal Beach side. If not, then I will have to opt to stay near the Village side. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Xo!

    1. No way you can work from that beach and even from town. Your best bet is commuting to Big Corn daily OR go on Monday come back Thursday.

      The lack of power, heat and vibe makes working very difficult.

      Good luck!

      P.S: Writing this from Big Corn now, what a difference!

  3. Hey there! I know this is an old article.
    I know i won’t have much need, but also get a local sim card while traveling.

    Is claro or moviestar the best for the island, knowing the service issues?

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