8am came very quickly and was on the Dhow from Nungwi, Zanzibar to Pangani. This is literally a local fishing boat aka something that looks like the photo above. You show up, pay and walk out to the boat. Wear a swim suit and pack all your gear in the bag, you’ll get wet going to the boat.

The Dhow was a pleasant ride, definitely not recommended for the family though, or those who get sea sick. Women were puking the entire way there, I say women as I only saw women puking, many of them. It takes about 5-6 hours and is relaxing but slow. Will note it’s not insured or anything like that, you go MIA / injured¬† / capsized on one of those… Yeah, you get my drift.

Really glad I did this, one of the coolest boat trips taken ever. Felt what it was like ~sorta~ for someone a few hundred years go to travel, it’s slow but steady. In the middle of the crossing which is about 42km, there is an island that is only visible during low tide. Someone had driven a boat and setup some shade and appeared to be having a picnic, sweet.

Very glad to be back in Pangani, met a few of my local friends already, drank some juice and eat some skewers. Still high from the boat really, what a trip. I’ve concluded that whether you’re in Zanzibar or Chiang Mai, if you start getting bored with your daily routine, it’s time to change. Full of life and ready to say hi to some old friends.

If you’re looking to get to Northern Tanzania, recommend the Dhow. It’s cheap and way faster than going back to Stone Town / Dar Es Salaam for another ferry / bus.

I’ll be in Pangani a day or so, then off to Tanga and Arusha.

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