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I’m excited to tell you about my next adventure which will be participating in a Blogville campaign which is based out of Milan, Italy. is in the Lombardy region and a city that really needs no introduction. My term here officially starts on the 15th but since I was in the region, I decided to join the party early as it’s the only appropriate thing to do, yes? On this trip I’ll be exploring the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna which are both new to me.

I’m going to be here until the 22nd and very much looking forward to getting better acquainted with the region as a whole, not just the city of Milan. On the topic of Milan, it has a very contagious vibe and to say it’s a fashionable city would be an understatement; it’s also holding the which would be a great time to visit and see the city in full swing before taking side trips to further explore the region of Lombardy. Something cool about this region is its central location in Europe making it easily accessible by air, roads or the rails; I rode the rails here.

Lombardy is a very diverse region which hosts plains, lakes, cities and mountains; a few things I’m looking forward to experiencing are the cuisine, nightlife, shopping, sights, strolling the streets and possibly visiting a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the topic of UNESCO, the list that follows is a sample of some of what this area has to offer: Mantua and Sabbioneta which consist of outstanding Renaissance architecture, , the prehistoric rock painting of the Camonica Valley and the tradition of violin making in Cremona.

My schedule is going to be somewhat tailored to my interests as the whole purpose of Blogville is to get an idea of what it’s like living as a local in Milan. Last night, I made a massive spaghetti because I figured it was the only appropriate thing to do; I made so much that it looks like I’ll be eating leftovers here and there until I leave and I’m perfectly fine with that. That said, there seems to be a sushi restaurant on every corner which is a sight that makes me smile and have already sampled some sashimi.

Since I’m an avid golfer, I’ll also be taking a two day trip to Emilia Romagna which is a neighboring region and easily accessible by taking the one hour high speed train direct from Milan Central Station to the city of Bologna. On Monday, I’m taking that train and I’m going to have the pleasure of playing and . Both these golf courses look wonderful and in the process, I’m going to get to spend a night in Bologna which should be a good time. Hopefully it’s blue skies with a little cloud cover so I can get some great photos to share with you.

This campaign is going to be running for a while with lots of different bloggers participating. If you’re interested in learning more about the the regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, I suggest you follow along online with the hashtags #Blogville, #inLombardia and #inEmiliaRomagna. Aso, if you’ve been to the region before, I’d love to hear some suggestions on how to spend my time as I’ve got a few free days until Monday when I leave for Bologna for those golf games.

This post is from the campaign, created and managed by in partnership with and Emilia . That said, obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be.

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P.S: Can’t wait to play my first rounds of hopefully many in Italy.

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