Long Weekend in Beach Towns of Uruguay

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I’m writing this La Paloma which is a a cool and sleepy beach town this time of year. Once Xmas hits, it’s go time for the next three months along with all the other cities and towns along the beautiful coast of Uruguay. Anything before Punta del Este part of the Rio de Plata aka a monster a river and anything further east is the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve seen a few spots and let me tell you, I absolutely love it here; it’s no wonder so many Argentinians and Brazilians come vacation here.

I hit up Punta del Este on Thursday and did a tour of the city upon arriving with a new friend I met on the bus from the United States. After we walked to La Barra for a sunset drink 10km away but it was dead and hitchhiked back. This gent who picked us up is from there and said it used to be like Martha’s Vineyard but the new money has gotten word of it and everyone wants to turn it into a city. I think it would be nice to see the city in full swing; it must move…


I stayed there three nights, solid times and definitely worth a visit. I met a new friend from Paris and decided to do a day trip to Piriapolis. What a spot, beautiful. This gent had a vision and built a monster hotel that looks like an old communist government building; right on the beach. From there the town has grown and has a really nice beach. Great way to spend a day walking around and drinking a few beers at random seafront establishments. Top photo is a view of Piriapolis; beautiful spot.

Now I’m in La Paloma which is a small resort town about two or so hours further down the coast. I love it here and it has so many unique houses that I’m in heaven. I love areas where the buildings have character as it sets the stage for interesting scenes; yes? This place is pretty small with a year round population of roughly 3200 people but once Xmas hits; full. It has a really cool beach and good people hanging out on it.


I arrived yesterday afternoon with my new friend and we hit the beach, ended up at this party serving cheap beer by the liter and random sandwiches fresh from the BBQ. There was a live band and we met a whole crew of interesting people from the area and really sampled a slice of what life is like here while speaking lots of broken Spanish.

These last few days have seriously been like a #puravida vacation inside a trip. People come here exclusively to vacation so there is a vibe running throughout where everyone is laid back and enjoying themselves. The area itself is really beautiful but above all else, Uruguay is just a really chilled out country in every sense of the word. Also, the wine is wonderful and the steak is sensational.

These are random photos, I’ll post more about each place later as I took 1,000,000 photos.

Tomorrow, I’m starting the trek back to Buenos Aires as I have plans for the weekend.

Tips hat,

P.S: Uruguay is easily one of my favorite countries that I knew absolutely nothing about before arriving.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

3 thoughts on “Long Weekend in Beach Towns of Uruguay

  1. Love you can see the beauty of my country.Missing you loads with Julen. We might visit you in BA. Besos!! PS. It’s calculated that there is 8 cows per person in here. Come back aroun may-june to welcome our new balcony BBQ asados 🙂

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