Lounging in Luang Prabang, Laos

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I’ve been kinda lost in Laos time. Just relaxing, lounging about really. This place is pretty sleepy and as a result I’ve been sleeping lots. That and meeting random people and going out on adventures, quite nice really.

Met a nice Canadian nurse, I like nurses and not just Canadian nurses. I drank some Mekong Moonshine, hit up some massage parlors even checked out the Phosy Market. I will say that market put me off meat for about 1 minute and 35.7 seconds. Until I left the area, I have many photos from this most disturbing meat market, not so nice. I will share them at a later date. Think flies ingesting the inside stomach liners of pigs and every other random body part you can imagine, totally smothered in flies. The smell? Horrendous.

Last night a gang of nurses were going “out on the town”, I decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor to join them, it most certainly was. I will say that starting the evening off with some Laos snake / scorpion whiskey really “gets things going”.

If I plan on doing a few more cities in Laos then heading to Cambodia before Bangkok, I need to start moving, fast. That said, I doubt that I’ll leave tomorrow. The living here is just really simple and quite nice, what’s the rush?

I will say that not having a steady internet connection in my room and only having access to the worlds slowest internet cafe and a 10:30 curfew has put a monkey wrench in my updating style. I’m typically a night owl and there simply is almost nothing to do here at night. It’s also quite cold, like 15 degrees or so. That’s cold when your used to summer, -40 or whatever is just absurd. I’m also not sure how the curfew works, having been here a while now, that is something to be aware of.

Truth be told, I’d be gone to venture to the tubing area and other locations in Laos if the main bus didn’t leave at 8:30am, that’s simply too early for this gent. I much prefer traveling at night, the only times I manage to find the motivation to leave at such an ungodly hour is if my visa is expiring.

Supposedly there are SOS International Hospitals all across Asia that provide top medical care. Supposedly Cambodia also has one of these “fine establishments”. If that’s the case, going back to Bangkok may be redundant, I hope so. I like Bangkok but I don’t feel any particular need to revisit it, I am not a big fan of back tracking, when back packing across the world.

Tips hat,

P.S: Wrote this most uninspired post earlier today, got busy. Now I’m outside a guest house so the connection will work. There is a Laotian lady balling her eyes out on the street corner, I’m curious what it’s about but none of my business. Seriously, this place becomes a ghost town late at night, it’s very different then say Thailand.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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