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First off I left so much out of that last update, someone should punch me in the face while an NFL punter punts me in the junk. That said, I’ll add some jot notes, quickly. FYI – I update this blog for myself and for other economic reasons which are now unseen but later will pay dividends, indeed. Seriously, if you come to SE Asia, make a stop in Nha Trang, trust me.

The other night was crazy, I got the chair at 7am because after leaving an after party and having a “Champagne Breakfast” we made it there. For some reason at ~7am we went to this classy restaurant and ordered everything from scallops to oysters, ice coffee’s and of course champagne or white wine, I can’t remember. It was only 3 of us left at this point, myself, an American girl and one of my buddies from Sweden. It was truly egregious, out of control and nuts. Lots of random discussion that you really had to be there for to appreciate. Just an idea? Imagine getting married to someone after the bar and having the moto taxi driver as your best man and a moped pickpocket or one of those ladies selling smokes and drinks on the beach as the ring bearer, crazy, I know.

nha trang beach chiller

It’s crazy the kinds of situations you can get yourself into when you’re been drinking party jet fuel aka party rocket fuel aka vodka redbull buckets for $1.50US.

I do remember going into the kitchen to “negotiate prices” haha and then the bill came not even looking at the receipt and paying for the most expensive breakfast I’ve had in Asia, whooops. Either way, it was good, I think!?

para sailing in nha trang

We have a solid international crew now and I keep running into ladies and gents from other cities who remember me and I most often remember them. I’m on “meeting people overload” and that is what happens when you travel if you’re gregarious and not creepy. So many guys hit on girls with creepy lines from the 80’s and it’s so pathetic. Sigh, when will these douche bags donned in diesel ever learn!?

vietnam beach life in nha trang

Also, friends are cool but having boat loads of acquaintances is much better in this gents opinion. Check this, tonight at Sailing club there is some kinda rave or something called “Insomnia” I was there while they were testing the equipment, SICK. Also, the beach here is arguably my favorite so far on this trip. A beach is a beach is a beach but this beach is filled with beautiful topless women. I hardly even take note anymore.

Today, we(English friend I’m traveling with who I met in the Mekong Delta) chilled, drank ice coffee and met more cool people from around the world. Ran into two Swedish aspiring fashion designers on the beach and I’m pumping this update out like a Hugh Hefner on dexies aka pharmaceutical speed aka what he used to build his empire.

I digress.

Meeting these ladies tonight for a fine sea food dinner, I have no clue where we are going to go but I do have an idea how the night will play out. Go and eat, have a bucket, hit up the Blue Dragon, have a bucket, roll through “Why Not” I mean, why not?  After that, Sailing club before going back to Why Not or something like that. I go to Sailing Club every night but I’ve never bought a drink there, EVER. Shhhh don’t tell anyone.

nha trang beach at sailing club

Nha Trang is awesome but seriously DO NOT SHOW WEALTH HERE. Another friend of mine got mugged by the kamikaze moped prostitute pickpockets. They will usually approach you if you are alone. If you’re sober you can tell the to get lost. If you’re loaded, same thing. If you’re too loaded, good night nurse.

How to remedy this? Wear old shorts with a dirty white-t shirt (my specialty) In fact, a few people have mentioned I remind them of a cartoon character because I wear the same outfit everyday. It’s different shirts (most of the time) and shorts (most of the time) but they all look the same. NO JEWELRY and just pack say ~300,000 Dong or $15US in your pocket and if you want to waste $25US on a “Champagne Breakfast” later on, hide a 500,000 donger in a small cargo pant pocket.

kites in nha trang

Ahhhhh yes, I could see myself living here and honestly people, Thailand which I loved so much is like an ex girlfriend now. I missed her at first even though it was me who decided to leave… As time goes on the memories fade and remember YOU NEVER MISS THE PAST when the present is better with an even brighter looking future.

Lots of people doing para sailing today, you can do it for 300,000vdn. Also an all day boat cruise with some drinks and free food for $7us. For ~15US you can go to a massive water park called the “Disney World of Vietnam”. I may check that out.

That said, Han Oi or however you spell it is also high on list. I want suits. I thought of getting some suits made, going to China and into the manufacturing district. I would then hire a classy translator and go into factories telling them I want to be their rep. Could be fun, lucrative and give me some purpose.

beach side in nha trang

Just floating around doing nothing all day is cool but it gets old. Granted, I’d rather do this then anything else by a long shot but still, I need more stimulation, excitement and think I can give more to this world then I currently am which is nothing besides these semi-coherent rants.

Enough for now, I have a dinner party to go to and then a “Saturday Night” in a town where everyday is a Saturday Night.

Also, Vietnam is great, if you’re coming to SE Asia, include it, you will have fun. Just don’t expect people to bend over backwards for you like they do in some other countries. I think it’s the reason some people say it’s not friendly. Then again, most people are about as social as a hobbit with a personality disorder and wonder why… Oh yeah, lots of kites being flown today, some festival or something?

Tips hat,

P.S: Next month, I want to do an experiment where I live like a typical destitute backpacker on say ~500-700US a month and see how that goes. I DO KNOW that there is a fine line where once you spend more than X a day, the law of diminishing returns kicks into over drive, like it was on “rocket fuel”.

P.P.S: If you truly have an “international mind” you will know that developed countries are good for earning large sums. Developing countries are where you go and spend that cash like a KING. Remember that next time you buy some pathetically over priced name brand to make yourself feel better. Just be real and even more importantly, be smart, will ya?

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