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I’m writing this from Big Corn as I have some errands to run but gotta say, being back on the islands is refreshing. I’ve been eating lobster dinners every night and spending my days wandering around through the jungle like trails catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones. I can’t get over the whole idea of no cars, it’s truly a peaceful and pleasant experience.

Nothing much is new on the island except a fair deal of construction and new faces. I hit up Tranquilo yesterday for one of their bonfires and guess what? I’ve never seen that many people anywhere on the island before. Every seat was taken and the space between the seats had people standing, smoking, sipping and chatting.

The beach was packed as well and when a performance came on, it was a solid crowd. It’s crazy seeing a place change while staying the same. The word is getting out about the islands and I’m totally cool with it; the more people that come through the more good people you’ll meet – it’s simple math.

I’d go on but I’ve got lots to do as the internet situation is just as dire as before. I’m here for a few hours before taking the big boat back. Turns out the open air panga runs most days but Mondays and Thursdays are the time for the big boat to go, it’s actually in the photo above. Let me tell you, sitting down and closing your eyes in air condition beats getting sprayed in the face.

Since I was last here, I’ve been to 6 of the 7 continents aka been around the world. What feels good is coming back somewhere and it being just the way you remembered it. Having seem a lot more of what this world has to offer, it feels even better coming home; Little Corn truly is unique.

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