Loving the Recharge in Romania

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Today was smashing, wonderful and rejuvenating.  Yours truly is LOVING Romania and I reckon you’d love it too, what is not to like? The place has a bad rep and I’m not sure why. I was apprehensive to come here and now that I’m here, I ask myself “Why didn’t I come here earlier?”. If you’ve read the last update, you’ll know I’m recharging my batteries in Romania aka resting up.

Constanta, Romania is an interesting place, it has everything AND MORE any digital nomad would wish for. I’m having an incredible time discovering the pros and cons of living in Romania. Cheap accommodations, lovely locals, a beach on the black sea, great dinning options, wonderful places to grab a beverage and a peaceful vibe. While walking the streets, I felt as though I was in Canada for a while, check the picture at the top, that could have been taken in my neighborhood back home.

Spent the day roasting in the sun, ok, just spent about 2 hours before I felt, was ready to be served then retired for a nap. Afterwards while looking for some soup ended up going on a 2 hour walk through random places and back onto the beach. It’s a weekday and there were plenty of VERY interesting people on the beach.

Tomorrow is my 21 month anniversary, if I said I had something planned, I’d be lying aka I have done nothing but have a grandiose idea. It will incorporate a photo from each month of where I’ve been and why you should go there at some point in your life.

I cannot stress enough that getting an online income started before you leave is paramount. There are those that make it, however 80%+ fail if they leave first. They rip through their savings and are back at square one with not much left to do but sell links on their personal blog, sigh. It’s not a long term strategy my friends, don’t do it!

Was going to retire early before a gent from the Netherlands appeared at the place I’m staying, ever meet someone and instantly know they were cut from the same cloth? We ventured around town, made merry with whoever we met and had a grand time.

He lives in Bucharest, when I go there I will stay with him and will explore the city through the eyes of a local from a foreign country, if that makes sense. The beach was banging today, saw many great sights and met interesting people you’d have to meet in person to appreciate, so to speak. Took some photos but from a far, not sure how things work here.

This place has EVERYTHING I need and MORE… Quality accommodations for a reasonable price, amazing food options that are so cheap it makes me smile whenever I order and drinks even cheaper. It’s truly a land of the lost where few foreigners venture and those that do come home with stories of greener pastures, so to speak.

It’s late, I have things to do and as a result will wrap this post up. For my stock trading readers, I hope you are not a trapped bull like me, so pent up and full of aggression, waiting for the gate to open to throw such said bears off our backs.

I digress.

Hope the world is treating you well.

Tips hat,

P.S: Have done some  branding and networking. A friend asked me why I have no blogroll and I had no answer, as a result have started a blogroll up top, wish to be considered for inclusion? Email me.

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15 thoughts on “Loving the Recharge in Romania

  1. So sick that you are still travelling dude! Thinking about starting a muse to get the online $$$$ flowing … any suggestions to help me get off my ass and get started?

  2. Your Bulgaria and Romania posts are seriously motivating me to break the South America binge I’ve been on (last trips: Lima, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Rio, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, Medellin, Cartagena, Guayaquil and Salinas Ecuador) and get my ass back to Eastern Europe. It’s been almost 20 years but those were some great times. Great pics, too, by the way, even from afar. Would love consideration for Mundohood on the blogroll. Congrats on 21 months an living the dream!

    1. Do it, you will not regret it. Eastern Block is becoming one of fav places on this planet. I have a eurail pass which is valid in mainly the west of Europe and no desire to go. Perhaps Amsterdam on the way out though, naturally.

      Send me an email with your blog name.

  3. From the enthusiasm in your posts, it sounds like you won’t be leaving eastern Europe for a while. Brasov is quite lovely as well and finally got some blue skies here so it’s not so creepy anymore.

    – Lily

  4. Those words about an online income are so true. You are so right. I could take off right now and travel the world. But what’s the point? I will be back at square one a broke bloke in a couple of months trying to save up again. I would rather get my online business going, then take off and live a life of travel. Rob, drinks are on me when we meet.

  5. Yep, lived/studied in Budapest and loved traveling Eastern Europe many years ago. Will be in Amsterdam in December, too.

  6. Hey Rob! As ashamed as it is for me to say. you describe me to a tee. I went travelling, ripped through my savings and now resorting to pimpin my blog out to selling links. You say “but sell links on their personal blog, sigh. It’s not a long term strategy my friends, don’t do it!” . Is there any reason why you feel that way? Could you give a little details please? Thanks!

    1. It’s against most major search engine code of conduct, most sites eventually get in trouble, do as you will though. If your site is YOUR SITE, all about YOU and YOUR BRAND then you need to be careful who you associate with and your integrity is paramount.

      Depends what you want out of the site bro.

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